Do you love fairy tales? I myself love reading them when I was a little girl (not now) & reading fairytale stories gives me some inspiration to write them. In fact, the following fairy tale was written by me during my last year at uni (years ago honestly), just a raw fairy tale cause I am, in fact, not a professional fairytale writer.


Long ago, when God 1st created the earth, there were only 2 distinct times for a day including The Day and The Night in this earthy world. Both The Day and The Night cooperatively took their turns of reminding human of the time of days. Time had gone by and life on earth had continued to pass by in peace and happiness from generation to generation without any interruption with the harmonious presence of The Day and The Night  until 1 day, the date The Night … had a crush on The Day.


Indeed, The Night wished to hear the birds’ song singing during The Day, admiring the colorful flowers blossomed in the green fields, desiring to enjoy the busy atmosphere of The Day, sharing the warm sunlight covering the earth during The Day. Gradually, over years, The Night loves The Day twice as much tomorrow. The more The Night loves The Day, the more he becomes darker, colder and more lonely. Yet, The Day keeps ignoring the passion of The Night for her simply because she does not like the cold atmosphere, the darkness and the lonely feeling of The Night. In truth, The Day does not want to share her beautiful life, warm sunlight and melodious rhythm as such she feels continuously indifferent to The Night.

Fairy TaleOne day, to console The Night, The Day promised The Night that “If you‘re still in love with me after 5000 years more, I might give you a chance, I promise“. No one knows whether The Day takes her promise seriously or not but The Night trusts her promise, he really does. Undeniably, he believes that after 5000 more years, if he still loves The Day, he will have an ever happy ending with his dearest love. Such that, though many years have gone by but his heart does not change albeit for the smallest and he always keeps his faith in his love for The Day. Luckily, God knew the love of The Night and felt sympathetically for him so that he had created another 2 times respectively named dawn and dusk to encourage The Night to continue keeping faith in love and to remind The Day about her promise to The Night.


Thanks for the starting of The Day, the movement from The Night to The Day encourages The Night to continue dreaming and hoping that a new day means another day for making his hopeless love come true, another coming day equates the due date of his ever ending happiness with The Day gets closer and closer.

By the same token, the ending of The Day enables the soon presence of The Night and the retreat of The Day such that the blue sky cedes her presence for a darker and more silence atmosphere of The Night. Therefore, the air gets a bit more chilly to console The Night about his unilateral love for The Day and simultaneously reminding The Day that one day has passed by means 5000 years in waiting by The Night are shrunk by 1 more day and the due date should come soon.

Obviously, no one knows the love outcome for The Night and The Day just yet since only more than 2000 years have passed by from the date The Day gave her promise to The Night and the fact is that The Night and The Day are still separated. And the only times that The Night could meet his love are dawn and dusk when The Night withdraws himself for The Day dominance in the beautiful picture of the dawn or when The Day retreats herself for The Night presence in the romantic image of the dusk.

Time keeps going by and going by and going by and ………………………………………………………………

However, The Night still keeps timelessly loving The Day in a loyal manner and he is still dark, cold, lonely with his hopeless love.

The rest of this fairy tale I will not post it out since I acknowledge that different individuals should prefer different satisfactory endings so that you yourselves will be the ones who write your own satisfactory endings for this fairy tale.

The Day & The Night


A Shining Summer Day


A Park Bench At Night


A Flower Field At Night










A Flower Field At Dusk


A Lake At Dusk


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