I wrote the following story right after my graduation from uni.



And God has created Eva. For whom? For Adam, of course. From what? From Adam’s rib, no question. That’s how our humankind history was started. WHENEVER AN ADAM IS BORN, ALWAYS COMING ALONG HIS OWN EVA. Consequently, EVA IS CREATED FOR ADAM & EACH ADAM MUST HAVE HIS OWN EVA WHO IS EXCLUSIVELY CREATED FROM HIS OWN RIB TO BE UNIQUELY TOGETHER WITH HIM. ALSO, EVERY EVA SPECIFICALLY BELONGS TO HER OWN ADAM WHOSE RIB IS TAKEN AWAY TO “PRODUCE“ HER. Historically proven, ADAM & HIS OWN EVA ARE UNNECESSARY TO BE BORN IN THE SAME CULTURAL BACKGROUNDS AS SOULMATES COULD CUT THROUGH SKIN COLOURS ACROSS THE WORLD. Similarly, TWO SOULMATES COULD BE BORN IN TOTALLY DIFFERENT TIME ZONES. Accordingly, if any Adam could not find your own Eva or any Eva could not find your own Adam, it does not mean that soulmates are not there OR do not exist in this wide world. Simpler, you could not find your soulmate because you are unable to find your soulmate, that’s the bad side. To make the life equation balance, the good side is that your soulmate is definitely somewhere wandering around this planet who is looking for you too.

Adam & EvaBasically, one point that aligns everyone of us to be similar is that all of us could find at least 1 friend throughout our lives. Differently, not everyone of us is able to find our soulmate during our earthy lives. Therefore, our friends could not replace our soulmate. As such, friendship is totally different from soulmate bond. In fact, it’s really harsh to admit but if we lose any friend, that’s okay, one friend lost, another will come into our lives later, we will be sad but … no worry. On the other hand, once we lose our soulmate, it could literally cost us our whole lives to find another soulmate again or we have to accept another who is actually not our soulmate at all. Worse yet, we might end up living our lives without our soulmate. Simply put, our friends could not replace our soulmate yet our soulmate is totally able to replace our friends at easy with no effort. Still, even if the whole world is our friend, that whole world means nothing if we lose our soulmate. However, if we could be with our soulmate, we literally befriend with the whole world. Further, our soulmate is the one who changes our lives completely and unconsciously since (s)he comes along our lives. AND THAT THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE! In a nutshell, OUR SOULMATE IS THE WHOLE WORLD TO US, ONCE LOST, NEVER EVER FOUND AGAIN & THAT IS THE MEANING OF THE TRUE SOULMATES. So that, if the whole world turns its back on us & does not want to befriend with us anymore, it’s still okay though… a bit unhappy. However, if our soulmate turns his/her backs on us, we will literally collapse sooner or later for sure!

Without our soulmate, we just live our half lives with our half strength. Fundamentally, everything will be half in our lives if we could not find our soulmate & THAT’S WHY ADAM BADLY NEEDS EVA & EVA COULD NOT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT ADAM. Metaphorically, all of us on earth are like half of the ball keeping rolling until we actually meet our soulmate & then stopping rolling to join our soulmate to complete the whole ball. What’s next? Settling down with our soulmate? Marriages? Kids? Paper anniversary… diamond anniversary…? so on & so forth. Choosing by yourselves the one that makes the most sense to you. Thus, if you could not find your soulmate yet, just … keep rolling & might be one day, your soulmate will come along your lives, I hope. Hence, our soulmate quest is not about soulmate existence as EVERYONE ALWAYS HAS HIS OWN HALF. Rather than our soulmate quest is all about WHEN & HOW & WHERE WE COULD FIND OUR SOULMATE. And for those who are lucky enough to be able to find your soulmates among 6-billion people of the world’s population, please remember cherishing your relationships with them with love & faithfulness as once lost, you must wait another “one-in-6-billion” chance to be able to find your soulmates again, this is my lifetime guarantee to you.



♪♫♪♫♪♫ ~ … God gave me you to show me what’s real
There’s more to life than just how I feel
And all that I’m worth is right before my eyes
And all that I live for though I didn’t know why
Now I do, ’cause God gave me you … ~ ♪♫♪♫♪♫


♪♫♪♫♪♫ ~ … Well, open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free.
Look into your heart and you’ll find love, love, love, love.
Listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing
We’re just one big family
And it’s our God-forsaken right to be loved …

I am yours

♪♫♪♫♪♫ ~ …I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows
It’s written on the wind
It’s everywhere I go … ~ ♪♫♪♫♪♫

Love Is All Around


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