Definitions Of Destiny & Fate In Life Dictionary


The following sharing story is just a raw idea, not really deep thought so that I really apologize for its shallowness. To be honest, I just write stories for fun in my spare time without any thought of becoming a professional writer so that I don’t spend much time to think deep on my stories & poems. As such, reading it for fun 🙂

It is you & no-one else are responsible for your happiness therefore no other person is able to complete you. As such, wake up, get up, stand up, [dress up], show up & get out there to take what belongs to you. So why wait hopelessly for the fate roller coaster to tumble you? ~ Do Thi Tu Anh.


I’m pretty sure that fate & destiny are originated from the date our grandparents 1st appeared on earth such that destiny and fate are as old as history & that they always exist in all civilization, in all countries, in all languages, in all ethnics around the world ever since.

For those who are luckily born with silver spoons in their mouths, fate is known as their guardian angel who always protects their luck from all ups & downs of life. Yet, for those who are born with misfortune, fate is known as their devil who always chases after them & is willing to push them to the hell of life throughout their whole lives such that they are incapable in their endeavor to alter their fate to some extent.

Palm ReadingI suppose that nobody of us is able to touch or feel anything, meet anyone, see any shapes whether round or square or triangles or quadrangle …, view any picture, imagine any image … called fate or destiny. Today, let me to take you a tour around our life to know how fate and destiny are sometimes defined. All ready, here we go!


Britney Spear, at the age of 18, released her debut album Baby One More Time in 1999. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and has sold over 25 million copies worldwide. As such in BS’s case, destiny is named as  “BABY ONCE MORE TIME DEBUT“ & fate is called “PREDETERMINED FAME“.

Baby Once More Time

Heath Andrew Ledger (4 April 1979 – 22 January 2008) was an Australian television and film actor. At about 2:45 p.m. (EST), on 22 January 2008, he was found unconscious in his bed in his fourth-floor loft apartment at 421 Broome Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. HAL died at the age of 28, from an accidental “toxic combination of prescription drugs”. Sadly, the world lost one of the most talented casts, Australia lost one of its talented kids. Most importantly, HAL‘s daughter grows up without knowing how her father will be looked like & without the care and love of the fatherhood. From my point of view, HAL was too young to die. God be with you! In HAL’s circumstance, destiny is defined as “THE ACUTE INTOXICATION FROM THE ABUSE OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS” and fate is defined as “DIE AT YOUNG AGE“.

HALKatie Piper (born 25 August 1983) is a former model and television presenter from Andover, Hampshire in England. In March 2008 in North London, the acid attack arranged by Piper’s nigger ex-boyfriend whom she met on the social internet site Facebook was thrown at KP’s face. Therefore, destiny is “BLIND LOVE OVER THE INTERNET“ without knowing the real personality of the person she chose to be her boyfriend and fate is “PREDECIDED ACID ATTACK”.

KP 1Gorgeous KP before the salvage acid attack. In fact, Piper had hoped to have a full-time career in the media.

KP 2KP after the acid attack that changes her life forever.

kp 3“I have lost my future, my career, my spirit, my body, my looks, my dignity … All I am left with is an empty shell. A part of me has died that will never come back. This is worse than death.” says KP.

Henceforth, people please be careful & thinking a thousand times before moving a step forward into your love relationship with any individuals with whom you acquaint via Internet as love over Internet is often blind. More often than not, people tend to present themselves as a good catch via giving cleverly humorous comments & hide their pitfalls in the net relationships as such people tend to build fantasy images about their matches before actually meeting face-to-face. Just remembering that having an ability to write witty comments does not mean that they will be your Mr or Miss Right and you could by no means assume thing goes the way it is imagined. Please bear in mind that the more you hope by building fantasy images about your matches, the more disappointment & disillusionment you will be undergone. In the extreme, you could perhaps be another Katie Piper in the near future. Altogether, watch out & be alert, might I advise you?

Over The InternetOn The Internet Some Things Are Not What They Seem To Be.

That’s why never ever will I believe in Internet love. Surely, I’M NOT INTERESTED IN INTERNET LOVE & I WILL BE THE 1ST PERSON TO TURN MY BACK ON IT FOR SURE. FAT CHANCE!

She used to be one of the most wanted females of our neighbourhood. Due to her beauty, she attracted the opposite sex like a magnet. Consequently, she had a lot of opportunity to choose the best candidate to marry him. Finally, she married the richest man with the hope that she would live in happiness for her whole life by his wealth. No one knows, her husband died after their weeding 1 year later without leaving any estate to be inherited by her rather than expressing in his will that his parents will inherit all his estate. Sadly, she got nothing out of the marriage as her deceased husband‘s property was automatically passed to his heir. SO RIDICULOUS! Sometimes, it’s so true that beautiful women often have many misfortunes in their lives. In her case, destiny is known under the name of “CHOICE OF WEATH FOR MARRIAGE” & fate is named as “CHARM OR ATTRACTIVENESS”.

Undeniably, the above sharing stories are mainly based on my own perspective & perhaps subjective but obviously they actually happen somewhere, sometimes to someone in our daily life. Undoubtedly, destiny and fate are known under millions of names & it is impossible for me to mention them all to you in this sharing story.

All in all, fate is determined from the time when we 1st cried as new-born babies. However, with courage & patience we could improve our fate to a new better level if we are predestined as an unlucky individual. Such that, if we give up in impatience & blame fate for our bad luck or misfortune it’s no difference from denying our cowardice, laziness, lack of fortitude & endeavor to change pre-determined fate or predestinate mishap to some extent.

According to our elders, your current generation is the fruit of your previous life. Essentially, if you were born in constant mishap, you were a malignant individual in your previous life. Such that it’s advised that the only way to reduce your constant bad luck be to accumulate hidden virtue to build your karma through your virtue life such as treating others kindly, being willing to help others when they need you … From my point of view, our elders are absolutely right in their advice. Obviously, ONLY GOOD LUCK COULD REDUCE OR CANCEL BAD LUCK, couldn’t it? In brief, LUCK WILL ATTRACT OR ACCELERATE LUCK.

And I always learn by heart our beloved mum’s teaching that VIRTUE , ETHICS & PRINCIPLES WILL WIN MISFORTATE FATE OUT. Honestly, this teaching forms the core of my life principle since I knew it.

Even more importantly, never ever must you forget that it is you & no-one else are responsible for your happiness therefore no other person is able to complete you. As such, WAKE UP, GET UP, STAND UP, [DRESS UP], SHOW UP & GET OUT THERE TO TAKE WHAT BELONGS TO YOU. SO WHY WAIT HOPELESSLY FOR THE FATE ROLLER COASTER TO TUMBLE YOU?

Altogether, destiny is what we choose to sought after & it depends totally on our choices, doesn’t it? Therefore, we have control over which path we would want to head our lives and are accountable for those choices. Differently, fate is what happens to us and determined by natural forces imposing upon us such that fate gives us no choice and thus we have no control over our fate. By concluding that it does not mean that we could not change our predetermined fate. On the contrary, somehow we still could change our fate to some degree through our karma building by our hidden virtue amassment. You 100% agree with me, don’t you?

And I’d just like to conclude my sharing story by asking you all a little question:







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