Astrology – All About Gemini



May 21 – June 21

… things shouldn’t be brutally honest or stark or without style. 

 From the book “Astrology for Lovers” written by Liz Green.


It’s said that Gemini is one of the easiest signs to recognize.  In the first place, Geminis usually talk a lot, so you have a chance to observe quickly that urbane, witty, cosmopolitan charm in any social situation.  (Remember Marilyn Monroe, a famous Gemini.)  Gemini is also recognizable because he’s often not where you last left him; and it’s common astrological knowledge that you can’t tie the Twins down with a heavy cord and expect this sylph of the air to remain with docility and patience until you give the cord a tug.  More likely he’ll perform a Houdini-like trick and vanish before your very eyes, leaving you with the cord.  Unpredictable is another word which generally applies to the typical Geminian; changeable as quicksilver, loving disguise and mimicry, fascinated for a little while with just about everything, quick to become bored and move on.  Interested in many subjects, proficient in few, for the world is too large and there is too much to know and too much to talk about to waste time plunging into depths and missing all those other opportunities.  To a greater or lesser extent, Gemini is the butterfly of the zodiac (some butterflies are smaller and nimbler than others, but they all fly), gracing your vision for a brief moment while settling on some choice flower, and then moving on.  Of course there are Geminis who have become skilled at some particular study or art or profession – but even these Geminis must somehow find variety and versatility within it.  You’ll never find a Geminian actor, for example, always playing the same type of role.

Gemini has been accused on the negative side, of being superficial and shallow.  But this is neither true nor fair.  The Geminian mind is perfectly capable of depth and concentration, when necessary.  The sphere of ideas is his natural hunting ground.  It’s just that Gemini’s mind works in a curiously non-linear way.  He knows that if you spend too long with one thing, you’re likely to miss all its associations and connections.  And Gemini’s aim is not to acquire specialized in-depth knowledge of any one thing.  He’s after a broad and comprehensive spectrum of knowledge, which can only be culled by stopping at every port.  He appreciates satire, and the sentence which in shorthand somehow communicates the whole picture without the necessity of delving into great detail.  And he also appreciates what’s interesting in the moment.  His concentration isn’t foggy, like that of many Pisceans; nor is he absent-minded.  It’s just that he’s liable to be distracted easily.  Too many things catch his attention.  And why not?  Life, to Gemini, is full of moving things; and where they move, he moves with them.

Sometimes Gemini’s sly mimicry can be cutting and embarrassing, just because he’s a master at picking out the gesture, the expression, which offers the whole situation at a single glance.  He usually doesn’t mean to be cruel; but dwelling in the heights as he does, he isn’t often aware of the emotional reactions going on around him.  He isn’t terribly vulnerable himself, and has the precious gift of self-laughter as well.  You can mimic him if you like.  What he can’t understand is the poor soul who bursts into noisy tears because of his little joke.  What did he do?  Never mind, it’s obviously time to move on.

Gemini excels in the media, particularly at journalism, the kind of writing or reporting which communicates the entire picture in a few clever images.  And the urge to communicate is powerful in this sign as is the urge to learn.  There is something eternally childlike about Gemini’s mind.  If you take the cycle of the zodiac as a symbol of the different stages of man’s development, Gemini, being the third sign, represents the stage where the thinking processes begin.  Watch a child when he’s interested in something.  His interest may be short-lived; but as soon as he discovers something, he must tell everybody about it.  It’s as natural to him as breathing.  Gemini’s often monopolize conversations for hours, not because they want to draw special attention to themselves as many Leos do, but because if they know something interesting then it’s the most natural thing in the world to tell it to everyone else too.

And Gemini is also the great democrat of the zodiac.  You couldn’t really expect him to be otherwise, he treasures his own capacity to think and certainly isn’t prepared to give over the right of decision-making and concept-forming to anybody else.  Tell him what to think about something and you’ll see his back receding in the distance very quickly.  The immense pleasure that Gemini takes in discovering something for himself, finding something out, learning something, is so obvious and so bright that you could scarcely imagine him following someone else’s opinions with any docility.  And because he likes to be well-informed, it’s hard to fool him or swing him emotionally.  He’s interested in people, from a distance, and loves to find out how they tick; and he will talk to just about anybody to find out a little something about something because to him everything is interesting.  You’ll rarely find conservatism or prejudice in Gemini’s lively, stimulating mind.

He plays a price for these shining gifts, of course.  No one can be everything, and we’re all pretty lopsided to start with.  In order to preserve that smooth, polished world-view that comes from skimming over the surface of an amazing variety of life’s experiences, Gemini must often sacrifice his capacity for deeper relating.  The more he spreads himself among the flowers, sampling here and there, the less likely he is to be able to sustain a close relationship.  Gemini isn’t really the person to choose if you like long intense discussions about emotions.  It makes him feel trapped, crushed, and possessed.  He’ll usually make a joke or a witty quip about the things he feels most intensely about.  And he’d prefer that you quip too, rather than pour out your deepest soul in grand, theatrical gestures.  It makes him turn pale with embarrassment.  Then he’s liable to do this vanishing act, and you’re left to clean out the mess.

With all that knowledge clattering about inside his skull, you’d expect Gemini to also have knowledge about himself.  Not so.  He is the least introspective sign of the zodiac, and it takes some pretty critical or difficult experience to get him to actually sit down and sort out his own motives.  It’s not his style.  Like a child, he’s capable of plunging into some pretty sour emotional states or moods, which don’t last very long (no mood does with Gemini) and which he rarely analyses or understands.  His demand for personal freedom is so strong that he’ll often recoil with resentment if you try to get him to change or alter his natural changeability.  And he’s fully capable of practising big and little deceptions, both on others and on himself, when he feels too pinned down.

You’ll notice that references to childlike qualities have been mentioned several times.  In a nutshell, Gemini is the eternal child of the zodiac.  This doesn’t mean he’s childish, in the sense that we use the word to describe people whose behaviour has embarrassed us in some way.  It means childlike, which is not the same thing.  His lively interest in learning, his tendency to go off in several directions at once (I know several Geminis who watch television and read books simultaneously, or carry on phone conversations and write letters, or any other sleight of hand you can think of), and his dislike of having to carry responsibilities which he can’t understand are all qualities which give him a lot in common with children.  In fact, many Geminis get on brilliantly with children – not from the emotional, motherly point of view like Cancer does, but because they love things that amuse them and are downright brilliant at keeping the wandering interest of a child’s mind because their own minds wander in the same way.

No, Gemini doesn’t care for responsibility very much.  He’s usually got a strong ethical code – all airy signs do – and he’ll deal with people fairly.  In that sense, he’s one of the most responsible of the signs, because he’s an idealist as far as how he sees people and their interrelationships.  But duty for duty’s sake doesn’t interest him; he likes to travel light.  He’s generally happier with a few back doors open, in case he decides he needs a little journey to refresh him.  Tie him down to one place and one job doing one thing for any length of time and he’ll either go to pieces in a mass of nervous fidgeting, smoking, nail-biting and paper-shredding, or he’ll leave.  Gemini needs mental and physical mobility.  Put him where he can talk to people, travel a little, and he’s fine, and perfectly capable of discharging responsibility.  Put him with a partner who talks a lot about duty, and you’re guaranteed a failed relationship.

Words are fascinating things for Gemini.  Whether he’s the more verbal type of Gemini who talks a blue streak or the quieter type (yes, there are some) whose minds may be spinning with all kinds of things but who are too introverted to tell you about them, language is usually a wonderful and eternally stimulating game to him.  I have met many Geminis who are incurable pun-makers – a form of humour which seems to be peculiar to only a couple of signs, Pisces being the other – because they love to play with language.  Self-expression through language is extremely important, and Gemini also often loves to hear himself talk – not because he thinks he’s so wonderful, but because he’s fascinated with what words can do.  Often he’ll learn other languages quickly, and word-plays amuse him where clumsier forms of humour leave him cold.  And language means a lot to him, too.  Language is the expression of a whole people, and tells you about the psychological traits of the country where it’s spoken.  Marlene Dietrich is said to have once made an amusing observation on language.  In French, she said, the male genital organs are feminine gender; and in English, both are neuter.  That’s the sort of thing that Geminis notice.  Why?  Well, because it’s interesting.  And it makes you think.

Life isn’t a terribly serious business for Gemini.  For this reason many Geminis drift, uncertain as to where their skills or vocations lie, because so much is interesting and they often show little talent at a lot of things.  Even if Gemini has one definite talent, he’ll generally be pretty restless and dissatisfied dedicating himself to it, because, well, only one thing to do is pretty boring.  In some ways it’s good general advice to Gemini to always have either two jobs, or a job and an important hobby, because that way when one gets boring the other seems fresh and interesting.  We aren’t taught to look at careers like this; we’re supposed, in this world, to do one thing and do it well.  Often the Gemini is sadly short-changed by this policy, because his real gift isn’t at doing one thing well, but at finding the links between two completely disparate things.  He’s really a bridge-builder in ideas.  And he’s happiest when he can translate one sphere of life into the language of another.

You can generally spot Gemini by his eyes.  Not that they’re peculiar or anything.  It’s just that they’re generally moving, even when he’s talking to you and deeply interested in what you’re saying.  But he simply can’t help noticing someone new who has walked into the room, or some new object which has appeared on the table or the wall.  This is pretty disconcerting to many people who like to feel that all his attention is focused on them.  If you’re the sort of person who needs this kind of concentrated attention, avoid Gemini.  He’s simply not capable of shutting out the stimuli around him.  It doesn’t mean he’s not interested.  It does mean he’s not that involved.  Deep involvement or commitment is difficult for him.  It’s not that he needs a lot of rope.  It means he needs no rope at all.  Then, if you’re not paying too close attention, you might discover to your surprise and pleasure that he’s still there.

The Gemini Lover

GEMINI1In traditional astrology, Gemini is said to get on best with he other two airy signs, Libra and Aquarius.  This sounds great on paper.  But no person is just one sign, and also like doesn’t always attract like.  Sometimes they bore each other.  And while Gemini has a lot in common with the other air signs, and many communicate with them in the realm of ideas, he has an irresistible attraction to the water signs – Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.  This is because Gemini usually has a pretty hard time both knowing what he feels subjectively about things and expressing those feelings to anyone else.  When he gets around those watery types, he loosens up.  He’s often fascinated by their disinterest in rational explanations, and charmed (or alternatively, terrified) by their lack of embarrassment about their own emotions.  Now, we’ve mentioned a little about air-water relationships.  They often produce steam.  Fog, mist, sleet.  And other manifestations of two queerly incompatible yet magnetically attracted elements.

A Geminian friend of mine once referred to discussions about emotional affairs as ‘swamp trips’.  This pinpoints very nicely Gemini’s characteristic attitude toward relationships when they try to begin to get a little heavy.  Like a swamp:  damp, suffocating, dangerous, dark, full of things that bite and pull you down into the mire.  The typical Gemini is often positively terrified of emotional demands.  Yet he has a propensity over and over again, of landing himself in relationships with people who are basically feeling-oriented people.  And these watery folks are often full of admiration and fascination for Gemini’s versatile mind, yet need a more instinctual kind of rapport for heir own fulfillment.

It’s almost as though Gemini, the eternal butterfly, trying to solve the mystery of the multiple people he feels himself to be, longs for a safe and emotionally secure relationship to help him feel a little less fragmented.  If he can find someone who loves all those different faces in him, then maybe, he hopes, he’ll learn to love them himself.  Gemini’s relationships, when they’re of this kind, can go one of two ways.  The left-hand fork ends with the partner feeling emotionally frustrated, starved for affection and closeness, rejected and shut out.  Gemini, in his turn, feels oppressed, suffocated, bored, and caged.  It’s a sad scenario, this one, and fraught with heavy blame on both sides – although you won’t often hear Gemini complaining loudly about his emotional vicissitudes.  He’ll more often make a joke of the whole thing, or an ironic and witty remark, and keep the entire thing quietly buried along with other disturbing encounters which he doesn’t dare probe to understand.  And he’ll probably come away from it with a little less confidence in his own reliability – which is never very great anyway – and will then move on into the next relationship, without quite realizing what went wrong.

The right-hand fork of this road is a lot happier.  Given time and communication (any relationship for Gemini must have communication) and understanding, Gemini can often ground himself a little better through a relationship, and learn to look inward a little more.  He can begin to discover his own needs and sensitivities, which he often overlooks, and this discovery (that he has feelings too – helps his habitual condemnation of other people’s needs as devouring and possessive.  All too often, he attracts highly maternal types who smother him with solicitous care and gently condescending motherly love.  No wonder Gemini all to often remains a little boy – or a little girl – with a dark secret face.

In common with the other two airy signs, Gemini usually has a high code of ethics in his relationships.  Although he’s often evasive, and dislikes being probed for secrets, he’ll usually not deliberately lie or lose his integrity in dealing with others.  The element of air has its code of principles, and its principles are high.  Many Geminians try with almost super human effort to live up to their ethical codes, and fail, because the ethical code doesn’t allow anybody to react, in an inconsistent way, and then crumple beneath the anger of an emotionally hurt partner.  Gemini takes the path of deviousness when there isn’t any other way to go.  But usually there isn’t any other way because he simply can’t understand emotional language.  How can you explain yourself in the face of an accusation you simply don’t understand?  If you make a demand of Gemini – like, ‘You’ve been ignoring me all evening,’ he is likely to offer an evasive answer on principle, because he’s aware of so many possible answers and so unaware of his real feelings.  Usually he won’t even know what you’re talking about.  It seems perfectly all right to him.

One of the most difficult combinations of signs is Gemini and Scorpio, whether you find this within one person’s chart – one of the sun, the other the ascendant – or between two charts.  They personify the opposite poles of air and water beautifully.  Scorpio is a water sign, and therefore highly subjective, with feeling-based responses.  And the typical Scorpios will rarely put up with evasiveness, since his nature compels him to dig to the bottom of any issue to discover its hidden roots and motives.  Gemini can’t bear to be psychoanalyzed, largely because he’s terrified of what he’ll find underneath.  Many Geminians are scornful of the whole realm of psychological exploration, because they have the gift of analyzing things and figure that once you’ve named a problem it’ll go away quietly.  Of course it doesn’t since intellectual analysis isn’t any help with feelings.  Gemini will often be flippant when accused of some dark and convoluted motive.  Or he’ll make something up.  Or he’ll go cold, and simply not answer, or walk out.  The truth is that he doesn’t know, and what he doesn’t know frightens him.  Have compassion.  Gemini often seeks help from intellectual maps and systems and structures in his attempts to find out what he really feels about things.

There are Geminis, both male and female, who always remain children, in both the best and the worst sense of the word.  They are the eternal butterflies, gilded and charming, delightful and about as substantial as zabaglione.  If you get involve with this more extreme type of Gemini who’s never come to terms with the other twin, enjoy yourself, but keep your eyes open.  Gemini needs lots and lots of rope.  He may or may not hang himself with it.  But commitment is terrifying to this type of Gemini, and he’s usually not prepared to look beneath the sparkling and effervescent surface of his own mind, full of cross-currents and ripples and mirages, to see what either his needs or yours really are.  It’s just too much trouble.  If you’re a strongly maternal type, like Taurus or Cancer, or the gentle sensitive type like Pisces, or the intense and jealous type like Scorpio, make very sure that you’ve got a life of your own, so that you don’t expect Gemini to carry all your emotional needs for you.  He simply can’t.  And maybe you’ll learn something from him or her:  like how to let go and allow Gemini the air he needs so badly.  Geminis become positively psychologically asthmatic when they can’t escape.

And if you’re lucky enough to find one of those Geminis who has a little self-understanding, then you’re lucky indeed.  For although Gemini will always be elusive and challenging, and will never take kindly to having to explain motives and reason, and will rarely learn to enjoy dramatic emotional scenes, he’ll meet you halfway.  Then he’s truly the Mercurius of alchemy, the translator and transformer, for he can show with the magic wand of his wit the distant mountain heights where the air is clear.

The Gemini Man

Several qualities are noticeable about the Gemini man.  For one thing, he’s usually in constant motion.  Sometimes physically:  he’s liable to fidget, and even if he isn’t fidgeting his eyes are generally moving around pretty restlessly, checking out each thing in the room and inspecting each person with immense curiosity.  The hour-long gaze of intense passionate silence that says everything just isn’t the Gemini man’s style.  Many Geminis simply can’t hold their attention for that long, and besides, they don’t like to be ‘sprung’ by somebody staring into their eyes either.

Another thing that’s readily noticeable is Gemini’s conversational gift.  It’s a rare Gemini who doesn’t possess a quick wit and cursory knowledge of just about anything, which enables him to talk to just about anybody for a little while and appear to be interested.  Gemini is also a bit of a gossip – yes, the trait appears in the Gemini man as well as in the Gemini woman – and a less pleasant adjective would be ‘nosy’ to describe the intense curiosity with which Gemini approaches other people.  He loves to find out interesting things, not because he’s looking for power over you like a Scorpio would, but because it just happens to be interesting.  He’s gifted at drawing out several pertinent and interesting facts about you very quickly, and then, when you ask a few questions of him, dodging them with skill while he deftly shifts the subject onto the strange mating habits of greenfly.

Gemini’s contact with people is always a light one.  He’s neither heavy-handed nor intense.  It’s rare to get an outpouring of intense emotion; and if you do, it will most likely come in the form of a letter, and be full of amusing anecdotes and gossip.  Some people find this lightness of touch disturbing:  it seems shallow and superficial.  But it isn’t, really.  In fact it’s a gift that Gemini offers – the ability to communicate and share feelings while keeping a sense of humour and a perspective.  Gemini might be romantic, but it’s not the romance of heavy operatic tragedy.  It’s the sort of light, frothy stuff that makes for lovely summer evenings drinking champagne in the rose garden; but it’s not Romeo and Juliet.  On the other hand, Romeo and Juliet had tragic ends, which isn’t really a vision of romance that appeals to Gemini.

Absolute devotion of the kind that precludes ever speaking to or looking at another woman also isn’t Gemini’s style.  He’s interested in people and people are interested in him; besides, he can be a charming flirt, which is just one more part of the way in which he approaches life.  The butterfly flirts with life itself; you can’t expect him to play Othello to your Desdemona.  He’ll rarely show jealousy (that’s all in the unconscious, along with all the other terrifying emotions) and doesn’t expect you too either.  And it’s impossible to keep him by your side at a party, because the whole point of a party is to talk to people.  People mean others besides yourself.  It’s also embarrassing to Gemini to seem to be too attached to one person; it spoils the image of the cloak-and-dagger mysterious secret agent which he sometimes gets a kick out of projecting.  Many Geminis do their best to seem single even when they’ve come in the door with you, just because it’s amusing to try the role on.  It’s a rare Gemini who obviously displays himself as half a tight couple.  Once again, it’s not his style.

Words fascinate Gemini.  Emotions don’t, unless they can be expressed in words.  The more articulate you are, the better he likes it.  And he does have a thing about writing – love notes, stories, letters, jokes, whatever.  Gemini-type heroes in film and literature (like Errol Flynn) don’t get their charm from heavy-handed emotional intensity or physical prowess.  They get it from cosmopolitan panache, a touch of culture, a taste for good wine, a love of ballet or theatre, an eye for a good book, a polished and versatile mind.  If you want to be physically swept off your feet and strong-armed to the altar, avoid Gemini.

Most of all, the Gemini man is interesting, and likes to be with other people who are interesting.  That means his partner must be interested and interesting:  otherwise he has a very low boredom level, and has been known to seek his interests elsewhere with frequency.  This doesn’t mean one must be a brilliant intellectual to make a good match with Gemini.  But it means that the mind has to be alive.  Talk to him all day about what the baby ate and you’re asking for trouble.  Obviously no one can become what they aren’t.  But if your idea of partnership is to sit silently in front of the fire holding hands and sipping eggnogs, try a Taurus or a Cancer.  You notice the signs immediately when Gemini’s hit his boredom level.  He fidgets.  His eyes wander around a lot.  He looks longingly at the telephone – an instrument of communication which many Geminis love, because it allows them to chatter without the discomfort of emotional confrontation – and waits with positively frightening eagerness for the post to be delivered.  When you see those signs, either sharpen up your own wit, or take him out to the theatre.  The butterfly is preparing to take off.

The most glorious thing about the Gemini man, the thing which makes his peculiar moods and delicate evasiveness bearable, is the fact that he’s really interesting.  Now, to some people that might not sound like much, but to those who have had a fairly satiating dose of boring and dull people living boring and dull lives, where imagination never takes wing and humour never sparkles and everything is horribly serious and responsible and one never, never behaves in a zany or unpredictable or childish fashion, Gemini is like the draught of the elixir.  He reminds you that life is new, and fun, and something fascinating to be explored.  And having spent some time around the butterfly, you might even discover you’ve got wings.

The Gemini Woman

If you think all women should be sweet, emotional creatures without a great deal of intelligence, whose true role in life is to bear children and devote themselves to their mates, you shouldn’t be reading this book in the first place.  And you particularly shouldn’t be reading about the airy signs, since women born under this element are even less likely than anybody else to want to fulfill that lovely traditional image.  Air sign women think; and the Gemini woman, in common with her Aquarian and Libran cousins, can generally out-think most anybody you know.  Her thinking might not always be either scientific or consistent, but she’s a person of ideas, who needs mental stimulation and interesting people in her life.  It’s not that the Gemini woman is incapable of being loving, or maternal, or domestic.  It’s just that these things aren’t usually at the top of the list of priorities.  Gemini, whether male or female, must have air to breathe and space to explore.

There’s often a quality of sophistication about the Gemini woman.  Whether you see her in a small country village tending her home and children, or at an art gallery opening in New York City, she’ll usually be the one who’s read everything she can get her hands on about just about every subject you can think of.  She may know something about Iranian politics, and Persian mythology, and knitting patterns, and rare butterflies, and the breeding of horses.  One thing she’s not:  provincial.  She needs company and stimulation, and you can’t expect her to be happy with a life of strict routine.  And she needs to be appreciated not only as a woman, but also as an interesting person.  Many Gemini women become neurotic and terribly unhappy because they try to adapt themselves to somebody else’s – society, family, husband – image of how they should behave, and underrate their own versatility and restlessness.

Yes, restlessness.  The Gemini woman, like the Gemini man, often needs two jobs, or a series of hobbies, or a regular class or group discussion, to keep her happy.  Her desire to learn is one of her strongest motivations, and needs to be developed and encouraged – whether this means attending university, or attending evening courses in one or two subjects which interests her, or just going down to the local library a lot.  In career terms, the Gemini woman often makes an excellent solicitor, advertising or marketing executive, translator, teacher, journalist, or photographer – and the whole world of the media, films, radio, television suit her admirably.  She also needs contact with more than one person.  The Gemini woman, limited to just a husband and children to talk to, will often vent her frustrations by becoming an intolerable gossip, because she simply must communicate.

Problems with emotional expression are characteristic with the Gemini woman as they are with the Gemini man.  The natural Geminian tendency to hold in emotion, to negate it, to analyse it away, often means that the Gemini woman lives a kind of near-hysterical extroverted life running and running away from feelings of loneliness or unhappiness.  A good case in point is Marilyn Monroe, who perhaps might have been spared the tragic conclusion to her life if she had been more emotionally honest with herself.  Her attraction lay as much in her sparkle as it did in her looks, for Gemini radiates a kind of fascination whether he or she is conventionally attractive or not.

You often see Gemini women who are terribly highly-strung and nervous.  It’s a characteristic Geminian response to repressed emotion.  It’s got to do with that other twin, the one we talked about earlier.  For the Gemini woman, the polarity in her nature often consists of her feminine self and her intellect, which are frequently at odds with each other.  She’ll have in equal proportions the same needs and drives which motivate any woman, and the Geminian intellectual drive as well.  And they don’t always get on too well together, these two faces, because if you pursue the mind with all its butterfly weavings and turnings, you can’t afford to commit yourself either to love or to maternity.  It’s a hard tangle for the Gemini woman to sort out.  She’s often more at home in conversations with men than with her own sex:  and unless her children are interesting themselves, and able to keep her mind fascinated, she often finds the nonverbal side of communication with children difficult.  Many Gemini women have great academic expectations from their children, especially if they have not developed themselves along this line; and it’s probably a more sensible exercise for the Geminian woman to satisfy her own love of learning and travel and excitement first before she attempts to raise a family.  Otherwise the low boredom level, and the dislike of routine, can become pretty difficult.

No astrological sign is deficient in any basic human need or expression.  It’s just that each sign suggests a bias, a propensity to learn one way more than another.  With Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the need for knowledge and experience and stimulation is often greater than the need for security.  It’s a question of trying to allow room in one’s life for all one’s needs to be fulfilled.  This is why Gemini, as a sign for a woman, requires plenty of room for personal freedom, development of ideas, and contact socially beyond the family circle.  Air signs, as we’ve said several times already, need air.

The quality of delicate romanticism exists in the Gemini woman as well as the Gemini man.  It isn’t a heavy or strongly emotional romanticism; it’s light, cultured, and airy.  Gemini needs to be frivolous, and love for Gemini must contain some humour and some frivolity as well as more intense emotion.  Also, it needs to be talked about.  The Gemini woman loves words as much as the Gemini man, which means that the tacit assumption that your presence bespeaks your love doesn’t accomplish any miracles.  The Gemini woman appreciates a man who can be articulate, especially about his feelings.  And Gemini also likes a few games; things shouldn’t be brutally honest or stark or without style.

Sometimes you see a strong aesthetic sensitivity in the Gemini woman.  Taste is important to her.  She’s often fashion-conscious and trend-conscious.  She’s rarely the old-fashioned type for whom the sentimental memories of Victoriana suffice.  More often she’ll be intensely modern in her tastes, from clothes to cars to the films she enjoys and the books she reads.  Nostalgia is a Cancerian trait, not a Geminian one.

The Gemini woman can be a fascinating creature.  She can also be an elusive one, and a thoroughly confusing one if you attempt to type her.  She’s particularly confusing if you expect her moods to be consistent and her interests focused.  But once again, remember the butterfly.  Butterflies aren’t provided by nature for utilitarian reasons such as our food supply or the wood from which we would build houses.  Whatever nature had in mind, we enjoy butterflies for their beauty, for their grace, for their freedom, for their brightness.  To stretch the analogy to unbearable lengths, we do derive one useful commodity from the efforts of this kingdom of nature:  silk, the most delicate and luxurious and exotic of fabrics.  Gemini is often like silk:  you can’t expect to repair your car in silk, or subject it to the brutalities of a washing machine, but treated delicately and appreciated for its beauty, it’s the most cherished material in the world.



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