Astrology – All About Aquarius



Jan 21 – Feb 21

Please note – the date will be varied slightly among the sources

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars,

then peace will rule the planets and love will rule the stars.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…

From the book “Astrology for Lovers” written by Liz Green.

AQUARIUSThese lines from a song in the rock musical Hair which became a hit while Flower Power reigned in America during the late 1960’s, and which has just – perhaps a little anachronistically – been released as a film in the late 1970’s.  For a while everyone was talking about the Age of Aquarius as a kind of New Dispensation, a time when wars would cease and everybody would love everybody else and the New Utopia would arrive, seen through a haze of marijuana smoke and acid rainbows.

Now, a decade later, people are still talking about the Age of Aquarius, but with a certain unease.  It appears to consist now of things like terrorism, revolution of Iran, Arab-Israeli conflict, a diminishing supply of fuel for the world, and general malaise.  Did the Age of Aquarius fall flat on its face?  Did it ever arrive?  And is Aquarius really about love, brotherhood and Flower Power?

Well, yes, in part Aquarius is about love and brotherhood.  Or perhaps, we should say, with more accuracy, that it is about ideals – and the ideals of love and brotherhood are among many which are formulated in the forward-looking Aquarian mind.  Particularly ideals about the group, the welfare of humanity, the future of society.

Aquarius is also, broadly, about science, and knowledge, and invention, and discoveries which will improve the lot of men in the generations to come.  Fraternité, egalité, liberté – the cry of the French Revolution – is in many ways an Aquarian cri de couer.  The noblest of human visions are spun from this last of the airy signs, which in its most profound meaning symbolizes the genius of human invention extended to its fullest limits, applied to the control of nature by the will of man and the structuring of humanity into a civilized society.

So what happened to the age of love and brotherhood?  The same thing that happens to many Aquarians.  The ideal was ahead of its time, as the ideals of many Aquarians all too frequently are.  The ideal hit a head-on collision with the reality of human nature, which can’t really be explained and governed by ideals alone.  Without the ideal, no progress of any kind could take place.  Yet the anchoring of an ideal takes time, and flexibility, and a sensitivity to the limitations of human nature.  Aquarius is not overly gifted in any of these three things.  He is usually impatient, and wants to see the ideal made flesh right this minute.  He is not very flexible, although a great lover of truth.  And he has very little understanding of, or patience with, the seamier side of human nature.

You can see here the dilemma, the gift and the curse of the Aquarian.  His symbol is the Waterbearer.  Notice carefully that the Waterbearer carries his jug to offer the water of life to humanity – but doesn’t get his own hands wet.  As an air sign, Aquarius finds his reality in his ideals.  Because he is concerned with issues that pertain to the group rather than the individual, you can see the traditional Aquarian link with welfare and human rights.  Fields like social work and education and politics are natural for the forward-looking Aquarian who wants to set the world to rights.  It’s truly the sign of liberty, democracy, and human equality.  And Aquarius, as far as his ideals are concerned, is usually truly democratic.  One of his nicest qualities is his sense of fairness and integrity.  He has a pretty finely honed conscience, which is often so sensitive that it makes his life unbearable.  He often has a horror of being what he calls ‘selfish’, which is very noble but not very psychologically healthy.  Regardless of his personal likes and dislikes, his dedication to his beliefs is unshakeable.  And this dedication is often to the objective perspective, the broad canvas, a code of ethics or principles by which he believes he should live.  And, of course, he is often dedicated to Truth.  Yes, it’s capitalized, that word Truth.  For Aquarius, there is generally only one Truth.

Never mind whether he hates you bitterly.  Fair is fair.  Aquarius will still deal with you with integrity, because, vile that you are, you’re still a human being, and all human beings have certain innate basic rights.  Sometimes you’d wish he’d show a little honest unfairness.  But no.  Fair is fair.

Look at some of the famous Aquarian figures of the past.  Abraham Lincoln is one of the best known.  Of course it would be an Aquarian who declared equality between black and white in an age of slavery, and abolished slavery with the result of the American Civil War.  He was shot for his pains.  Many Aquarians suffer the retaliation of the more conservative elements of society for their contributions, which are frequently suspected.  You will also see among the distinguished Aquarian names figures like Thomas Edison – great thinkers and inventors whose discoveries are not intended for personal satisfaction or gain, but for the benefit of the human race.  Their dedication is absolute; try to find out anything about their personal lives and you’re astonished to discover that they seem to have no personal lives.  All their energy and ability is taken up with the dedication to the goal, the ideal.

The list of noble, courageous, dedicated idealists is a very long when it comes to Aquarius.  So is the list of scientists and philosophers.  Can we say anything at all bad about this sign?

Of course we can.  For as we near the end of the zodiac, the signs become increasingly complex.  Their extremes become more and more extreme.  But the time we get to Aquarius and Pisces, you are dealing with an enormous spectrum of human abilities and foibles.  There is an element to Aquarius which can only be described as intellectual bigotry.  That courageous fixity of ideals can become stubborn fanaticism – the rigidly rational scientist with no heart, who is a caricature in this modern age.  This is a fellow who invents a new weapon because it’s scientifically interesting and immensely effective, without the wit to realize that people don’t possess the psychological maturity to handle such a thing with any responsibility.  A little closer to home, this is the fellow who doesn’t worry about the few people who might be harmed by a faulty nuclear reactor – or who disguises the actual percentage of radioactivity in the atmosphere – because, well, those are only a few little people, and they don’t really have anything to do with grand things like Our Country’s Defence and Power.

Also in the shadier reaches of Aquarius are to be found the rampant communist who believes in a utopian state where all wealth is leveled and all people equal – without regard to the fact that people are fundamentally different and are emotionally incapable of coping with this.  George Orwell’s 1984 is a horror story of an Aquarian Age run rampant.  Lest we think that the ideals of love and brotherhood as expounded by the more fanatical adherents of the sign are the answer, enforced by a totalitarian state, read and re-read this little book which was once considered science fiction and now looks horribly like prophecy.

And what about the individual Aquarian?  Well, typically, he encompasses these two extremes – genuine love and concern for the welfare of the group, and personal intellectual bigotry.  His ideals and his true sense of democracy are immediately noticeable.  Even the non-political Aquarian who lives an ordinary life and doesn’t concern himself with movements, will often be found defending the underdog in his business.  His ideals often make Aquarius stand out by a head above the crowd.  He thinks about other people, about their needs and potential.  Or maybe we should say he truly thinks – a rare commodity in an age of slogans and opinions.

On the other hand, he doesn’t much like individuals.  Aquarius is the fellow who loves humanity and doesn’t like people.  He can be brusque, cool, unfeeling, insensitive, rigid, dogmatic, and downright stupid when it comes to the subtleties of human relationships.  He can stand by principles when principles are the least relevant thing in the situation.  His fairness can be blindly infuriating when what is most needed is a little bias.  In those typical situations where you’re hurt by someone else’s offhand remark, and turn to your Aquarian for sympathy, and get a pronouncement fit for a trial where point by point the reasonableness of the remark is discussed, it’s a wonder there aren’t more Aquarians murdered every day.

Aquarius is often embarrassed by emotion, and finds it distasteful both in himself and in others.  I’ve known quite a few Aquarian women who consider it shameful to cry; this sign is proud and self-controlled, and displays of emotion are seen as a weakness.  Those tears that according to romantic novels melt the hearts of the hardest men don’t work terribly well on Aquarians.  After you’ve sniffed delicately into your lace handkerchief and looked up at him with moist dewy eyes, you may find either that he’s quietly left the room during your fit, or that he’s got his newspaper out and is reading about the political situation in Uganda.  Or he may sit quietly and watch you, and then, when you’re certain he’s about to tell you he really loves you after all, or that he understands, or that he’s sorry he hurt you, he opens his mouth and says, ‘Good!  Now that you’ve finished, we can discuss this reasonably.  I do so hate it when you get irrational like that.’  And when you’re about to throw the teapot at him in a screaming rage because he hasn’t understood at all, he’ll look at you coolly and say, ‘Now, don’t throw another scene, it’s really selfish, you know.  Can’t we talk about something else?  People are suffering and dying all over the world.  Did you know that the Tanzanian troops waited three days outside Kampala so that the inhabitants could escape?  I think that’s really a humanitarian thing to do.’  Having made you feel utterly and abjectly guilty for having been so emotional in the first place, he can indulge in a little smug self-satisfaction, because he succeeded in keeping his mind on the Really Important Things.

Obviously, not all Aquarians are this unfeeling.  Aquarian women in particular have an immense capacity for devotion and loyalty.  But here too it’s so bound up with their ideas and their ethics that they often don’t adjust very well to the changes and nuances of relationships.  And most important, with all this obsession about the rights of others and what they ought to do and be, they forget about themselves – to such an extent that they mince their own emotions to pieces through simple lack of expression.

Here’s a little scenario to illustrate the point.  We might call this the Noble Soul syndrome.

AQUARIAN TO FRIEND:  I’m fine, thanks.  A little tired, that’s all.  It was an awful lot of work moving into the new house, and getting the kids ready for their new school.
FRIEND:  But last time I saw you, I thought you said you didn’t like that house.  You weren’t going to take it.
AQUARIAN:  Well, it’s much more convenient for John’s work.  It only takes him twenty-minutes.  With the other place, it would have been an hour and a half commuting.
FRIEND:  But what about you?  You said you hated the neighbourhood, and the shops aren’t very nice, and….
AQUARIAN:  Oh, I was just being silly.  Selfish, you know.  I’m terribly selfish like that.  I should never have gone on like that.  John always Comes First.  After all, where would I be if I always thought of myself?  My mother always told me never to be Selfish, it’s the worst thing you can do.  A Good Mother always thinks of her husband and children first.  No, the house is just right for John.

This is very noble.  Truly good.  But our Aquarian, if you see her a few years later, is liable to be a little messed up.  She might be on Librium, to keep her nerves from acting up.  She might have high blood pressure, or have developed a few nervous habits like a tic, or compulsive cleaning.  All that natural aggression has been submerged.  And when you track her into old age, she’s had to become incredibly rigid to keep all that stuff repressed for so many years.  She’s gone cold by then.  That’s when Aquarian goes fanatic.  When years and years of being Unselfish and adhering to Right Behaviour have made a dog’s breakfast of heir spontaneity and love of life.

Aquarians often has a wonderful gift for logic.  He can discuss things reasonably, rationally, and often brilliantly.  So when you challenge him – or present an emotional grievance – he has it all sorted out to begin with.  He can work it out rationally, analytically.  He’s got all the answers.  He has a gift for analysis of human temperament – many Aquarians reach prominence in the psychological field – so he can tell you exactly what your motives are, why you said this, why you said that, and what the solution is to the problem.  It’s so neat and pat it makes you swoon with admiration.  The trouble is, there’s no room for any emotion in it.  I’ve had discussions with psychologically ‘aware’ Aquarians who have taken an interest in the whole realm of the human psyche.  They can list their complexes, use all the latest jargon, draw the latest psychological maps.  The human being like an airplane or an automobile or a well-constructed society, operates on certain basic principles.  There isn’t any room for chance, or fuzzy edges.  Emotion has fuzzy edges.  People to Aquarians are mechanisms – wonderful, divine mechanisms, but nonetheless mechanisms.  And that well-read Aquarian who knows all the latest about the psyche, while he can discuss it with brilliance, often doesn’t know anything about himself at all.  It’s because he doesn’t know what he feels, what he thinks he ought to feel, what he thinks he should and shouldn’t feel, and he thinks you can think about what he thinks he feels.  Confused?  You should see the Aquarian in the midst of all that.  Simple phrases, like ‘I love you’ or ‘I hate you’ or ‘I’m bloody angry with you’ are very difficult for him.

The fact is, Aquarians have very deep and complex emotional natures.  It isn’t that they have no feelings.  It’s that they are often frightened of their feelings.  Aquarius is a true air sign.  What can be understood by the mind is safe, because you can reason it out.  What can’t be understood is often relegated to the realm of the ‘imaginary’ or the ’emotional’, dreaded or simply reasoned out of existence.  Is there room for any romance in this formidable temperament?  Yes, but it’s usually unconscious.  Aquarius is often very embarrassed and awkward – you might even see him blush – when the subject turns to romantic matters.  This is the fellow who, out of sheer embarrassment, will neglect to give his woman flowers during twenty years of marriage.  He often can’t understand the need for flattery, compliments, sentimental displays of affection.  Everything has to have a reason.  He may love deeply – but he won’t show it very often, and especially not in the ordinary little ways that make a love relationship so enjoyable.  He is capable of sacrificing his life for a loved one.  But sometimes the loved one feels like saying, ‘That’s very nice, but flowers would have said it better.’

I once knew an Aquarian man whose wife left him after six years of marriage.  They had two children, a large house, an opulent lifestyle, and he was extremely successful in his profession.  His profession involved quite a lot of travel, which meant long periods when his wife was left alone.  It never occurred to him that she would mind this, because it never occurred to him to ask.  He could handle it; he simply clicked off on those trips, something Aquarians seem to be able to do with ease.  They simply shut down shop and shift to another department.  He also found it extremely difficult to show his wife any affection in ordinary situations.  To him, this was superfluous.  He had proved his love because he had married her, fathered two children on her, took care of her, and was reasonably faithful to her.  During one of his trips, she ran off with a friend, who had won her starving heart by writing her love poetry.  My Aquarian client was beside himself with shock, grief and bewilderment.  ‘She kept telling me it was the love poems,’ he said, baffled.  ‘Why?  What difference does it make if somebody writes her love poems?’

His wife never came back.  To this day he still finds it impossible to comprehend that the poems were to her a symbol for something – a recognition that she had feelings, that she was romantic, that she had a heart.  To him, it was terribly unreasonable.

I have seen a number of Aquarian marriages go this way.  When it’s the reverse way around, with the woman an Aquarian, there’s a different base.  There the complaint of the man is often, ‘She’s so good, so fair, so self-disciplined.  She makes me feel irresponsible and selfish.’  And sadly, the unspoken part of this is that she can be pretty boring.  Anybody who’s unselfish and highly principled all the time will drive a lesser mortal into some fairly nasty actions, just to get an ordinary human reaction.

What, then, can Aquarius do?  Perhaps realize that his abstract love of humanity should extend to include himself and his loved ones.  Often this simple point eludes him.  Generosity of feeling toward oneself and those close is part of the ideal of love; often, Aquarians miss it.  Some of the zodiacal signs have a knack with personal relating; others don’t.  Aquarians has perhaps more difficulty than any other sign, because he often has so little sense of the ‘personal’ – including his own ‘person’.  Aquarius’ ideals often mean too much to him because he hasn’t got a sense of himself.  We can, historically, make excuses for the Lincolns and Edisons of the world.  In retrospect, we’re glad they were such personal failures, because their humanitarian achievements were proportionally great.  Perhaps that’s Aquarius’ role in the human family.  But with a little balance, if you’re not a Lincoln or an Edison, you can be a human too.

The Aquarius Lover

We’ve already said quite a bit about the emotional propensities of Aquarius.  Perhaps a little recapping is in order.  Remember what we said about the air signs in general:  they live in the world of ideas, and tend to be frightened by emotion.  This is truer of Aquarius than the other two airy signs because Aquarius is what its called a ‘fixed’ sign.  This means exactly as it sounds.  Fixity can also be translated as strength, stubbornness, or rigidity, depending on how extreme it is and whether or not that fixity is in agreement with you or not.

So Aquarius tends to repress his emotions.  He often sees his emotions as a weakness, something embarrassing.  You might deduce from that that he’s not the world’s most romantic or effusive lover.  He’s often charmingly naïve in matters of the heart, and displays a winsome clumsiness which falls in weird counterpoint to his usually sophisticated ideas.  In some ways, it’s delightful, because he’s usually incapable of playing the Don Juan unless he really means it.  And then he’s likely to make a somewhat less than suave one.  Aquarius’ gifts are not known to lie in the realms of courtship and romance.

So we can count sincerity of feeling and loyalty among his virtues.  Because he’s generally clumsy with emotion, he usually means what he says if he ever does tell you he loves you.  Also, Aquarius is a truth-addict.  This means, on the other hand, that he doesn’t like lying, so you can believe him most of the time.  On the other hand, it means you should be careful not to ask for those little declarations of emotional reassurance that lovers need.  Instead of the compliment or reassurance, you might get a pronouncement like,  ‘Well, to be strictly truthful, I don’t actually love you at this moment.’  I once knew an Aquarian man who felt obliged to announce, at various times of the day, whether he did or didn’t love me – not for any particular reason except that he felt I ought to always know the truth at all times.  It can be pretty wearing on the ego, to say the least.

Aquarius’ loyalty springs from double-edged sources as well.  On the one hand, he’s probably more capable than any other sign of adhering to a promise kept.  So if he promises fidelity, and means it, he very likely will be – because he’s loyal to the ideal.  And he does have a lot of self-discipline.  On the other hand, his loyalty also springs from the fact that the realm of romantic escapades isn’t really his style.  He’s awkward and unsure of himself in it, and often finds it more relaxing and less troublesome to remain loyal because he can get on with what he enjoys the most – things of the mind.  It’s not that Aquarius lacks passion.  Not at all.  But he’s not particularly sensuous, and often doesn’t spend long hours with his erotic fantasies in the way that you would expect of Taurus and Scorpio and even Pisces.  He’s busy thinking about the World and what can be done with it.

To balance the scales more in his favour, Aquarius is a truly interesting companion, and he also knows, more than other signs, how to be a friend.  This should not be underrated.  Friendship often means more to Aquarius than love, partially because he doesn’t understand love – it’s too complicated and problematic, and he has trouble defining it – and partially because friendship’s ideals are easier to uphold.  So Aquarius, man or woman, can be a wonderful friend in all the senses of the word.  He is loyal and honourable, and is capable of much self-sacrifice; he cares about other people, and so long as you don’t expect him to participate in your emotional scenes, he’s a wonderful listener and a careful, objective advisor.  No friend could be more friendly or tolerant, or understanding.  In marriage or a love relationship, this quality of detached and undemanding friendship is often a true blessing.  It means you can have your own ideas, think your own thoughts, discuss things, have companionship and camaraderie without the clutter of an expectation of roles, or a lot of emotional possessiveness.  Aquarius, although he has as much jealousy in him as anybody else, will very rarely show it.  He will rarely even admit it.  He appears to be the least possessive of lovers.  Don’t let it fool you.  But on the other hand, it doesn’t intrude.  If he believes in letting his partner have freedom, then by God he’ll make sure he grants it, even if it minces his gut to pieces unconsciously.

If you’re looking for a great deal of sentiment and romance, stay away from Aquarius.  You’re more likely to have lengthy political and ideological discussions, and very few whispered and sweet nothings.  On the other hand, if you seek a friend as a lover, Aquarius puts the other signs to shame.  He’s genuinely interested in people, and genuinely interested in you.  Just don’t try the heavily emotional approach.  And buy yourself flowers.

The Aquarius Man

AQUARIUS1It seems that the psychology of the masculine combines very well with Aquarius to bring out the intellectual bias of the sign.  So the epitome of the Aquarian male is the thinker, the dreamer, the philosopher, the scientist.  Also, the problem men in our society have confronting emotional situations generally is aggravated in Aquarius.  Aquarian women, while they don’t handle their own emotions very well, are usually at least aware of them.  But no one is more out of touch with his own feeling nature than the typical Aquarian male.

So the Aquarian male is often one of the most infuriating people you will ever meet when it comes to relationships.  First of all, the coolness has a lot of pride.  Control of emotion is a big thing for Aquarius.  No matter how much he’s hurting, unless he’s about to have a breakdown, he will often not grant you the satisfaction of knowing about it.

Another problem he’s got is that he often sees emotion as a demand.  Remember the Aquarian is very big on the idea of freedom.  This is often carried to outlandish extremes in personal relationships.  Typical of it is the Aquarian man who refuses to tell you what day and time you’ll see him again – because he doesn’t ‘believe’ in time.  Or the Aquarian man who ‘believes’ in open relationships, and tells you truthfully (because he believes in truth, and feels everything should be open between you) about the three other lovers you have to compete with.  Not that you asked.  It’s just that he believes in truth, and doesn’t understand why you should be hurt and make a scene.  It’s unreasonable and possessive, and you shouldn’t be so self-centred.  Everybody, he will tell you, benefits from it.  Shouldn’t we all love each other?  If you love him, you should love his other girlfriends, because they love him too, and he…Well, you know the story.  It can make even the most tolerant lover develop homicidal instincts.

You may have the sort of Aquarian who simply refuses to discuss personal feelings.  Or he may tell you you’re being very ‘heavy’ and too emotional.  The problem is, he’s often grossly hypocritical about all this.  When the tables are turned on him, he’s capable of behaving as much like Othello as any Scorpio is.  But he won’t be as honest about it, because he’ll drag in things like honesty and loyalty and other concepts which damn your behaviour without conceding that the real root of his upset is his feelings, not his principles.

The only way to deal with this kind of Aquarian is to out-Aquarian him.  That means challenging his beliefs, so that he can find out whether he really believes in them or not.  If it means being a little unpredictable yourself, or requesting your own freedom of behaviour.  Remember that this is a fixed sign.  Fixed signs aren’t adaptable; they don’t adjust easily to other people.  They have their own world, their own values.  They don’t like being pushed.  That reforming instinct in Aquarius simply doesn’t apply when you try to reform him.  You’ve got to have a good deal of your own detachment, and some source of creative life of your own, if you want to make a relationship work with an Aquarian.  He’s not prepared to put that much into relationships on an emotional level.  You simply have to get used to it, and learn to read his signals, not his words.  A good deal of the time, what Aquarian says about his feelings should not be taken literally.  You can take his word for it on his ideological views, or his special subject of study.  He’s pretty reliable there, and usually knows what he’s doing.  About his own emotions he usually knows very little.  Learn to use your instincts, and learn a little telepathy.  But don’t expect an honest expression; you’ll get what he calls honesty, which usually has nothing to do with it, because in this realm he isn’t very honest with himself.

On the other hand, expect a good deal of unconscious emotional dependency.  That independent spirit, with his mental mind in the clouds and his eyes on the future, is more sensitive than he can ever know.  He’s terribly vulnerable emotionally, rather childlike, which is why he takes such great pains to mask his emotions from everybody including himself.  He would consider it weakness.  If you need overt displays of it, avoid Aquarius.  If you’re confident enough in yourself to know you’re worth loving, and can appreciate the friendship this man offers, you’re fine.  And who knows?  You may even reform him, within reason.

AQUARIUS2The Aquarius Woman

There are two types of Aquarian women.  Both share all the basic Aquarian qualities of strength, independence, original thought.  One type turns the immense self-discipline and dedication of the sign into a purely personal sphere.  The other goes out into the world, to try her muscle in society.  Either way, this is no helpless, malleable creature.  Her self-sacrifice is wholly self-motivated, and due to her own ideals, not your wishes.

Many Aquarian women find that the sphere of home and family is insufficient to exercise their intellectual abilities and interest in the larger group.  So you find numerous Aquarian women in the political and helping fields, combining their wide-ranging ideas and spirit for concern for others with their innate femaleness.  The typical profession here is the social worker or psychologist.  Also the teacher and educator.  Remember that it may be Aquarius on the ascendant that we are talking about here.  But wherever you find this woman in professional life, she will be motivated by her ideals.

As you might expect, Aquarius is not a sign that is exactly conducive to sexual role-playing in relationships.  In fact, many Aquarian women are intensely dedicated to the Women’s Movement, for it is a natural to the sign.  The logic and necessity of it is obvious to Aquarius, where it might not be to the more personal-oriented signs like Cancer, Taurus or Virgo.  A great many Aquarian women must, at some point in their lives, become involve with a cause of some kind, even if it concerns only the three families on the street they live in.  And this kind of dedication to a cause brings the best out of the sign.

It’s a little more difficult on an emotional level.  Aquarian women sometimes has as much difficulty as Aquarian men in expressing feeling.  Sometimes it’s recognized but held in – and you get a kind of stiffness, a rigidity, a stiff-necked pride.  Sometimes the emotions are completely unconscious, and then you see an appearance of coldness, remoteness, aloofness in personal relationships.  The ‘don’t tie me down syndrome’ is as typical of the Aquarian woman as it is of the Aquarian man.  Because of the resentment toward role-playing, there is also a great liberality in sexual behaviour often in evidence in Aquarian women.  These are the women who are much more likely to recognize frankly their own bisexuality, their need for more than one relationship, their need for purely sexual affairs and escapades outside marriage.  Aquarius is a masculine sign; it combines with more or less grace with feminine psychology, either in a true marriage which produces the gifted thinker who also has a heart, or in an uneasy conjoining where you have a woman who is basically embarrassed by her own femaleness.  This can often be a problem with the Aquarian woman; ‘female’ sometimes seem to her to mean weakness, emotionalism, or the victim of masculine domination and suppression.  Not an easy sign for a woman to carry, and get it right.  But with effort, you have the woman who can be both man and woman, true to her own female self yet with a strong masculine quality that allows her to concern herself with issues beyond her own personal satisfaction.

From all this, it will be obvious that Aquarius is not the woman to choose if you want, (a) the devoted and silent helpmeet who will adore you and listen uncritically to everything you say, or (b) the domestic creature who is only interested in you, your meals, your work, your children, and your cleaning and ironing.  On the other hand, for those who are genuinely able to accept women as people, Aquarius can be an inspiring companion and helpmeet and friend, as well as a person in her own right.  From this angle, the Age of Aquarius has a lot to do with the Women’s Movement – and no sign is closer to the vanguard of the movement than Aquarius, in both its more violent and its more reasonable manifestations.  And whatever you have to complain about in the Aquarian woman – whether it is her rigidity, her dedication to her own principles, her stubbornness, her detachment¸ or her refusal to regard her loved one as the penultimate hero, you must admit that this woman is interested and interesting.  Men who are afraid of intelligent women should stay away.



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