Astrology – All About Virgo



Aug 23 – Sep 22

He may live with a mess on the living room carpet,

but you can bet he’s cleaning up his psyche. 

From the book “Astrology for Lovers” written by Liz Green.

VIRGOTo begin with, we can throw away everybody’s favourite image of that eternal ashtray-emptier and furniture-duster.  The neat, orderly, tidy soul with the perfectly balanced bank account and the immaculate kitchen is a picture which sends most Virgos into fits of cynical laughter.  And even the virtuous, virginal lady with the unbound hair (discreetly clothed) who adorns jewelry and zodiacal knick-knacks doesn’t have much to do with our theme either.  For some rather elusive reasons – reasons which just might lie, as so much astrological misunderstanding does, in the attempt during medieval times to Christianize or make ‘moral’ a symbolic system that is far older and more inclusive than Christianity – Virgo is sadly misinterpreted.  Some signs come out rather badly when you try to moralize symbols into social concepts, and Virgo and Scorpio have been hit the hardest – you’re caught between the eternal secretary and the eternal sex maniac.  Well, like many Scorpios, Virgos are getting pretty resentful about all this misrepresentation.  Especially the untidy ones, who are quite shamelessly slovenly and not in the least concerned with whether they arrive at one minute before eight or one minute after.  It has been suggested that Virgos have not yet come into their own because the real ruler of Virgo – Vulcan – has not yet been discovered.  There has been, however, a discovery made of a strange little ‘planet’ between Saturn and Uranus, which astronomers were quick to call Chiron for reasons best known to themselves but which might just fill the bill.  We don’t know yet.  Never mind.  What is Virgo really about, if not the eternal janitor of the zodiac?

Let’s bear in mind first of all that each sign has a deep, fundamental drive in it, a basic motivation which always spurs the individual whether he is aware of it or not.  This basic drive shows in different ways for different people.  We’ve already touched on these – how, for example, the drive toward understanding that motivates Sagittarius makes some Centaurs travelers and others scholars.  Physical or emotional or mental, the expression still comes from the same source.  And suffice it to say that Virgo’s basic drive isn’t toward cleanliness.  It has been suggested that perfectionism is a Virgo characteristic.  I haven’t found this to be the case.  Discrimination, yes.  Absolutely.  No one is more discriminating than Virgo.  A simple yes or a simple no doesn’t work; it’s yes to this part and possibly to that part and probably no to the middle one unless A or B can be changed, and certainly no to the last.  Never black and white.  Black and white choices imply a simple universe, and to Virgo the universe is rarely simple.  It’s more like a huge, boundless jigsaw puzzle, and it drives Virgo crazy if he hasn’t got a picture of he puzzle on the top of the box before he begins to assemble the puzzle.  Discrimination is a finely developed faculty with Virgo.  You can see it in his choice of friends, lovers, food, ideas, lifestyle, clothes, reading, artistic taste, or any other area where choices are to be made.  But to be a perfectionist means you have to be idealistic, since you have to have an ideal of what constitutes the perfect.  And Virgo is no idealist.  It’s one of the most realistic, possibly the most realistic sign of the zodiac.  Virgo harbours no possible rosy versions of a perfect utopian world, or even a perfect utopian kitchen.  Virgo uses what comes to hand, what appears on the plate.  The element of earth, remember, is the element that pertains to acceptance of earth plane reality.  And no perfectionist ever accepted reality.

It has been suggested, too, that there are two types of Virgos, the neat ones and the sloppy ones.  This is probably true as far as it goes.  There are two types of any sign – the introverted and extroverted.  The extroverted version of any zodiacal sign tends to express himself out in the world.  So the extroverted Aries finds challenges in the world, the extroverted Sagittarian explores the world, the extroverted Pisces projects his visions into the world, and so on.  The extroverted Virgo no doubt tries to apply his need to classify and order and synthesize at a worldly level.  The introverted versions of the signs express their natures through an inner reality.  So the introverted Capricorn is spiritually or psychologically ambitious, the introverted Sagittarian travels the boundless leagues of the mind and spirit, the introverted Pisces communes with the depths of his own inner ocean with its mysterious denizens, and the introverted Virgo attempts to synthesize and order himself.  Which means that the sink may well accumulate a truly ripe treasure-trove of week-old dishes, the house may accumulate a formidable array of objects in general disarray, and the world may go well to pieces so far as Virgo is concerned – so long as he’s performing that long, alchemical labour within his own depths, on himself.

Notice that word synthesis.  It offers much more of a key to Virgo’s basic motivation than perfectionism.  Synthesis means bringing together different things, like a good cook performing miracles of culinary genius with a random array of leftover bits from yesterday’s meals.  Synthesis also means finding compatible things or ideas or aspects of life which most people find mutually exclusive.  Virgo’s compulsion and gift both lie in this area of synthesis.  Everything must be fitted together and made to blend.  That means finding out where everything fits by naming it, learning about it, categorizing it, classifying it.  A friend of mine once referred to Virgo as the Great Classifier.  With mercury, god of intelligence and communication, as the present ruler of the sign, you’d expect a love of acquiring knowledge.  The difference between Virgo and Gemini, however, both of which are ruled by Mercury, is that Gemini loves bits and snippets of knowledge for their own sake.  For Virgo, knowledge is relevant only if it’s useful.

So in a way, you can say that this internal voice is always echoing in poor Virgo’s mind with every new experience he meets.  ‘How can I synthesize it?’,  he says, and then, ‘How can I use it?’  If I can’t synthesize it, he’ll pretend it doesn’t exist, or begin a dogged pursuit of names and definitions which will allow him to pigeonhole that experience to make it manageable.  If it can’t be used, he’ll discard it with a certain flippant arrogance.  Yes, that’s fine for more impractical souls.

The drive to discriminate sometimes makes Virgo harsh.  He will throw aside people or ideas or careers or things of beauty because they may not be effectual or applicable to what he considers practical reality.  Sometimes he throws romance out as well, which is a tragic thing since you then find that type of Virgo for whom life is work and drudgery.  Often he’s a cynic, looking at reality with jaundiced eyes; he knows perfectly well that you have to be clever to survive, and he’s prepared to hustle a little and make the effort of polishing the goods because that makes them more saleable.  If he’s going to do something, he’ll do it well, both from pride in craftsmanship and from a good marketing sense.  Idealistic perfection?  Hardly.

Sometimes the only tidy thing you see around Virgo is his bookshelf, for many Virgos respect to an inordinate degree the entire field of knowledge.  His books are to him the personifications of his mind, and his mind is often like one of those intricate workings of a delicate Swiss watch, carelessly moving and cataloguing and reflecting and considering and labeling.  He may live with a heap on the living room carpet, but you can bet he’s cleaning up his psyche.  A lot of Virgos take to astrology like ducks to water – that is, if they can ever get over the resistance to the aura of vague spiritualism which popular columns have mistakenly cast upon the study – because astrology and other cosmological maps offer them confirmation that the universe is basically orderly, and that God Himself is innately tidy.

The impulse to be of service also runs strong in Virgo.  Virgos need to be needed, and they need to be useful.  The typical Virgo is not particularly ambitious; he lacks the onesidedness necessary to go after one goal wholeheartedly.  In many ways his tendency to look for wider and wider pieces to complete the great jigsaw puzzle takes away any propensity for him to focus everything on one piece.  It’s a rare Virgo who aims for the position of obvious power.  Most of the time you find them as advisors or counselors to someone else who’s silly enough to have taken the throne and subjected himself to all that trouble.  Virgo, clever as always, prefers to lurk behind the throne and keep himself out of the line of fire.  Realistic, remember?  Foolhardy Leos and Ariens and Capricorns aim for the top.  Virgo knows that what comes up must come down; he’d rather keep his feet on the ground, thank you very much.  Unless a Virgo has a lot of Leo in his chart, or the sun strongly placed in the horoscope, you’ll usually only meet him through his work, rather than through his outgoing personality.  Most characteristic Virgos are quite shy, or if not actually retiring, then subtler and quieter than their friends born under other signs.  Being earthy, Virgo does like his security, and the need for security is often a problem because it keeps Virgo from trying out creative possibilities that require daring and a little bit of gamble.  Ask a typical Virgo to gamble and he’ll get a white, shocked look.  Gamble?  How horrible!  You never know when life might deal you a blow; better to plan and prepare for the future.  You often meet Virgos who have been rooted in rather limiting jobs for many years, where their natural intelligence and imagination are stifled, because of the wonderful security of that regular salary cheque.  Besides, Virgo is more curious about what makes the wheels on the car run than he is being the driver and entering the race.  He’s a student and observer of life rather than a gambler or an entrepreneur.  It’s said that Virgos make better servants than rulers.  This is undoubtedly true.  Remember the historical characters like Cardinal Richelieu.  Being a power behind the throne suits the Virgo very well.  Craftsmanship and craftiness often run together in this subtle sign.  Mercury, in mythology, was also the god of thieves and liars, and presided over the business deal.

There’s another trait, sometimes endearing and sometimes infuriating, that’s worth noting here about Virgo.  This is his obsessiveness.  He may be obsessive about order or tidiness in the obvious way, but equally often he’s obsessive about emotional orderliness and tidiness.  That is, never show your own emotional weaknesses.  Virgo is a great controller of emotion.  In fact, if you watch a more obsessional Virgo for a while, you begin to get the queer feeling that he’s organizing rituals to keep the forces of darkness at bay.  Whether it’s the object-obsessive Virgo who puts all the yellow shirts on the left side of the cupboard and falls into a hysterical fit if you introduce a blue one, or the tightlipped emotionally constricted Virgo who analyses everything in a kind of frenzied desire to keep any ripped psychological seam from showing, the root is the same.  You guessed it.  All that chaos and emotional sensitivity and sloppiness, and romanticism and vision lurk secretly in the recesses of Virgo’s soul.  He has to fight against his own chaos far too often to be tolerant of vagueness and woolliness in others or in the world around him.  There’s too much of it in him.  Virgo’s apparent hardness and ruthlessness – no sign is quite so adept at saying ‘no’ – is often his way of protecting himself against an intolerable insensitivity.  His famous meanness – and no doubt about it, many Virgos are really mean with money – is often a cover-up for a streak of innate extravagance.  And his insistent compulsion to stick to practical realities helps him to escape the mystic in his own soul.

A queer bird, Virgo.  Not far beneath the cool and analytic veneer you find a sentimental romantic.  Virgo may be brusque in manner, and don’t try to borrow money unless you’ve proven you can repay it.  You’ll rarely find Virgo as you find Pisces, who will offer his last pound to the drunk in Piccadilly Circus.  Virgo’s more likely to deliver a stern and frequently insufferably irritating lecture about self-help.  But often this is because he’s too acutely aware of the drunks, derelicts, rejects and flotsam of life, and has a real horror that he might become one himself.  Planning for and guaranteeing the safety of the future is an obsession with Virgo, because his acute sense of the world as it is often makes it hard for him to have faith or trust in life.  He can’t cope with that reality he’s so plugged into.  It threatens his sense of stability.  So he shuts it out – discriminating like mad against any elements of it he can’t deal with – and looks out for number one.  You’ll often find Virgo being generous and apparently altruistic, giving freely of his time and skills, especially when it comes to teaching somebody how to do something.  He loves to show his competence and is genuinely generous in sharing his knowledge.  But you’ll rarely find Virgo giving beyond that ring-pass-not.  He usually learns his lesson early.  It’s almost as though he has a secret Piscean in him somewhere.  And he’s learned Pisces’ lesson – with no boundaries comes self-disintegration.  After all, it’s only realistic.

The Virgo Lover

I once came across a kind of joke horoscope which gave a particularly insulting paragraph to each sign.  For Virgo, it said, ‘Virgos are apt to fall asleep while making love.  They make good bus drivers.’  Well, amusing enough.  But it reflects the general attitude most popular astrology holds about the Virgo lover.  And sadly, many Virgos do nothing to dispel this image.

I once knew a Virgo man who kept by his bedside one of those ubiquitous sex primers which told you which erogenous zone the left hand should be placed on after the first five minutes of foreplay.  He actually attempted to follow the instructions, as though he were following a recipe.  Virgos tend to like instructions, on boxes, packages, books, or whatever.  Take the instructions away and they often panic.  This Virgo wondered why it was that he didn’t seem to be able to keep his lover’s interest.  It goes back again to the problem Virgo has with the unknown.  And sexuality and love are both mysteries about which we know virtually nothing.  As the novelist Robert Musil wrote:

There is still a great deal unknown about this phenomenon capable of transporting an ordinarily ‘civilized’ man and woman into a state which under other circumstances we would associate only with a frothing lunatic.

This, isn’t, however, what Virgo’s nature is really about.  It’s just that he often sees himself as the potential frothing lunatic, and tries to make sure it doesn’t happen.  Then you get the apparently cool, unromantic Virgo, perhaps sexually skilled but emotionally invisible, who tells you that having it three times a week is good for you because of whatever book he’s just finished.  Ah, whatever happened to the Great Harlot?

Virgo, unleashing his sensuality, however, is a different creature altogether.  In common with Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is earthy, and that means metaphorically as well as astrologically.  His sexual needs are often deep and sensuous, and his sensitivity and delicacy allow him – or her – to be aware of another person’s needs in a very acute way which hastier signs don’t notice.  The problem is, as always, is in releasing that sensual side.  It’s said that Virgo takes a long time to warm up.  This is probably true.  In part, it’s because of that old fear of the unknown, the chaotic.  Passion isn’t always something that can be defined and rendered safe.

Another reason for Virgo’s apparent slowness in love is that he’s not really easily fooled or a sucker for a pretty face, male or female.  Virgo thinks too much.  That means that he needs to communicate, to have some basis for relationship, other than a sexual one.  Often his work life is terribly important to him – Virgos frequently identify with their work and validate themselves according to how well they fulfill their jobs – and if you don’t want to share his interest in his work, or talk to him about it, then he’ll get pretty tired of even the most voluptuous or exciting partner.  Emotion and sexuality aren’t enough to hold Virgo.  Remember that the sign is ruled by Mercury, and like Gemini, there’s got to be some – however slight – meeting of minds.

Virgo’s realism also enters the stage here, and makes it rather difficult for this sign to try a wild moonlit love-at-first-sight passion.  He observes the world too much, and knows too much, to take that very seriously.  Also, he doesn’t like gambling, and gambling with instantaneous passions is liable to be hurtful and disillusioning at best.  So he may sometimes go very cold and shut out someone to whom he’s attracted, because he mistrusts anything sudden, uncontrollable, or unexplainable.

Sometimes you find Virgos apparently kicking over the traces.  But look closely.  You’ll usually find that their hearts haven’t really been touched.  Male or female, it takes a long time for Virgo to truly thaw on a feeling level.  He may even allow himself to fall in love, but to love is for him something that takes time and careful nurturing.  He’s realistic, you see.  In the end, he’ll choose the reliable over the flamboyant.  You can see that in his taste, his furnishings, his habits.  Always pick the useful, the safe, the knowable, the quality, over the bright, the spontaneous, the unreliable, the unpredictable.  It can be a terrible bore, or, tempered with a little humour and a sense of fun, it can give a quality of understanding and warmth and wisdom which is both magnetic and highly attractive.  The operative word is fun.  In love, Virgo often needs to learn the word.

Like everybody else, the things Virgo represses in himself are often the things he seeks in a partner.  Virgo, the ‘earthbound builder of planes, landlocked craftsman of ships’, often orders himself into a meaningless maze.  Not seeing the forest for the trees is one way of putting it.  He’s so busy trying to perfect the vessel that he forgets it’s meant to contain something.  So Virgo’s fiery chaos and spontaneous self-expression of the intuition and imagination, personified by those dashing and unreliable fire signs who seem to have secret pacts with the gods and actually gamble, yes, horrors, gamble than display due caution.  When Virgo meets the fiery type, all the repressed child in him longs to escape and be free.  Earthbound, Virgos often starves himself to sheer joy in life.  He’d rather work, thanks, there’s too much to do.  Virgo men and woman can often be seen with long lists of what must be done each day’ and they will inevitably put play as the least relevant of priorities.  And Virgo’s pattern is often to choose a partner who represents all the irresponsibility and drama he won’t allow himself, all the instability and ‘selfishness’ (Virgo likes to use this word to apply to people who don’t follow his priorities).  Naturally, these relationships can go two ways.  Either Virgo warms up and loosens up and balances himself out, or he tries to play Pygmalion with this lovely raw stone by chipping it into shape.  Then comes the scenario of the fiery partner spitting fire like a dragon, because he or she is always being ‘nagged’ or ‘criticized’.  Relationships are rarely smooth and easy for Virgo, unless he plays terribly safe and finds himself another earthy type who fits into his safe universe.  And then, sadly, he’s always a little bored, and life’s a little dreary, and he feels he’s missed the boat, somehow.  The recipe for happiness is the same here as for the Virgo shadow.  A good liberal dose of the child:  to gamble, to play; a dash of recognition that what is useful is not always necessarily what is living and meaningful.  And occasionally to be mistaken, to occasionally be a fool, because in our most ancient mythologies the fool is holy.

The Virgo Man

Some of the best Virgoan qualities make their appearance in the Virgo man in love.  One of this is his desire to be needed, and his generosity and helpfulness.  If you need support, talking, understanding, or material assistance.  Always reasonable, the Virgo man will often draw you out about your problems, and he loves to offer advice.  Give him a problem which is solvable and he’ll attack it like a chess game, and often his detached insights are useful and constructive.  There’s also a safe feeling about him, and a love of truth and accuracy.  And Virgo rarely pretends to be anything other than himself.  You won’t get pushed into the corner to play adoring audience as you might with a Leo or Aries man.

On the other hand, the Virgo man’s self-control and coolness can be infuriating.  He’s sometimes the sort of person who insists on hanging his coat up carefully before he kisses you, because first things must come first.  Sometimes he’s horribly socially sensitive, and will avoid touch in public because ‘somebody’ might notice that he’s not completely in control, or discover that he has passions.  And taken to extremes, you also might have to cope with the scheduling of everything including courtship – which always comes second to work – and even sex – which also comes second to work.

Remember that it isn’t easy to be a Virgo man.  The sign, like Pisces, is sensitive and vulnerable, and doesn’t easily match the cultural male image.  Virgo men often have a chip on their shoulders, because they’re trying hard to be cool and in control.  Any emotional need which isn’t expressed in neat, structured verbal terms can then seem like an overwhelming demand.  There is a strangely self-contained quality in Virgo, which goes back to our myth about the Goddess.  For a lover or partner to be able to tolerate this shutting-off tendency in Virgo, he or she needs to keep a sense of humour, because otherwise the criticisms can be taken hurtfully and the entire relationship can blow up with resentment.

The thing that saves this complex and sometimes insufferable temperament from being really intolerable is that Virgo, if you can tell him the truth quietly and clearly, will always listen.  It’s one of the most endearing qualities in the Virgo man.  If he’s hurt you, or been cold, or been too structured, try articulating it.  Quietly.  He’ll usually listen.  If you express it emotionally, he won’t.  If you’re the combustible type, with a lot of Scorpio or Leo, try a more resilient and less highly-strung temperament.  Virgo simply can’t take angry explosions and tempestuous scenes, or long weeping sessions with lots of soggy handkerchiefs.  You’ll often see Virgo men fidgeting, smoking heavily, biting fingernails, and doing other little acts which betray the tightly-strung nervous system of the sign.  Given the fact that the Virgo man will usually overwork himself anyway, it doesn’t help his naturally fidgety temperament.  He needs lots of play, rest, and nature to heal him.  Usually he can’t be bothered to make time, since that list has ‘work’ at the top of it.  So the onus falls on you to cajole him, reason him, or drag him to some place where after his initial whingeing he might even discover that it’s quite pleasant to sit in the sun and do nothing.

For all these reasons the Virgo man in love is not always every woman’s Brides’ Magazine dream of the perfect husband.  It’s a sensitive, high-strung, and complex temperament, rarely aggressive, more likely to let trifles and difficulties nag and nag inside before direct action is taken.  Virgo isn’t Don Juan, although there are some fairly good imitation Don Juans floating about in the form of terribly insecure Virgos trying to pretend to be Sagittarius and Leos.  Trust, quiet, warmth, and safety are necessary for him to show any of that more mystical, sensitive side of himself, the one you ostensibly chose him for.  Hopefully, you didn’t choose him to provide you with security, for you’re making a sad error if you think he’ll be able to play Supportive Father for very long.  He’s too fluid and changeable, and too terrified of his own propensity to change, to tolerate being somebody else’s rock.  Appreciate his intelligence, his wit, his cynical wisdom, his craftsmanship, his shrewdness, his kindness and his sensitivity, and you’ll have a very rare creature as a lover.  For those who appreciate subtlety, and wit, and respect inner solitude, Virgo makes those more flamboyant signs seem pretty boorish in comparison.

The Virgo Woman

VIRGO1If you’re looking for the perfect housekeeper and have just read somewhere that Virgo women are masters (or mistresses) of the art, you should probably bestow your insult on some other sign.  The main gift of the Virgo woman is her intelligence, not her orderliness; and when you find the compulsive housebound type who dusts three times a day then you’re courting trouble because you’ve got yourself a Virgo who’s fallen into the shadow side of the sign.  And all that good housekeeping will pale into insignificance beside the shrewishness which goes with it.  This isn’t, we repeat, what Virgo is about.  As a by-product it can be a nice bonus, and there are plenty of Virgo women who take an interest in their homes and like an orderly environment.  But Virgo as it expresses itself through the feminine psyche seems to be about things like good taste, and subtlety, and understanding, and a keen wit about people and life.

There are catches, of course.  The self-contained figure of myth is very much in evidence in the Virgo woman, and it’s often difficult for Virgo to really be ‘married’ in any deep sense of the word.  There’s a quality about the Virgo woman which is psychologically untouchable, and if you try to invade it you get the same reaction as if you tried physical rape.  Virgo women aren’t usually the clinging, helpless type.  More often they’re amazons who show a frightening degree of capability and efficiency, either on a physical level or a mental one – or even sometimes both.  Good points for Women’s Lib, but bad points if you want to be the sun around which a happily reflecting moon orbits.

For one thing, Virgo women have opinions.  Mercury’s connection with the sign seems to come out in a need to communicate, to talk, sometimes to simply gossip and chat.  Many Virgo women talk endlessly.  Sometimes it can make you cover your ears and begin screaming, just to make the sound stop.  It may not be the traditional Virgo criticism, either.  It may be all about the latest book she read, or the film she saw, or the person she’s lately been taking apart and analyzing psychologically.  Virgos love to talk about other people, in great detail.  So if you’re after the beautiful, silent type, forget it.  Virgo women also have a sometimes admirable, sometimes infuriating propensity to question your word and your knowledge, too.  Tell her something and she’ll ask the source, complete with footnotes.  Virgo tends to believe not to believe anybody else until the definitive reference work becomes available.  It’s hard to be more knowledgeable than a Virgo, because they won’t allow it.  It’s got a good and bad side.  It does wonders for your intellectual scope, and horrors for your ego.

Many Virgo women come close to the figure of the Earth Mother, because the peculiar sensitivity of the sign expresses itself through a love of nature and a healing and skillful touch with all crafts.  It seems to be a typical Virgo skill to have a ‘knack’ with handicrafts of all kinds.  The arts for their own sake rarely attract Virgo, because things must be useful to be relevant.  But the Virgo woman displays immense skill at gardening, and craftsmanship in many areas.  And the quality of needing to be needed which attracts so many Virgos into the helping professions, from nursing to dieticians to psychologists and counselors, is very much an aspect of the Great Mother archetype which is connected with the sign.

The thing is, you often have to find it behind the high-strung nervous system, the edginess, the need for solitude, the apparent coolness and detachment.  It’s hard for a Virgo woman to be spontaneous.  Often she can only show love and affection by doing physical things for you.  The situation applies here as to the Virgo male:  emotion and passion are disturbing and frightening, and can only be expressed in an atmosphere of complete trust.  Break that trust and you’ll get the sarcastic, cutting edge of the Virgo tongue, which can be really vicious because she’s been observing with minute care all the weaknesses and foibles which you didn’t think anybody noticed.  Virgo women have a disconcerting habit of noticing the carefully hidden frayed cuff, the razor nick, the scuffed shoe, the word-slip, the nervous twitch you thought you were controlling.  They observe minute things because for Virgo the vast spectrum of life is best reflected in the small.  For the Virgo woman, the great art is the art of the small.

It may be appropriate to remind you again of those Virgos who are anything but tight-lipped spinstership shrews:  the Greta Garbos and Sophia Lorens and Jacqueline Bissetts of the world.  But you can see a thread which runs through these women as well as every other Virgo woman, from Lauren Bacall (another Virgo) to Twiggy.  Notice the attention given to skill.  Whatever Virgo does, it does well, and Virgo women are no exception.  These are skilled actresses, with polish and impeccable performance.  Whether cooking or sculpting or teaching or whatever, Virgo women take pride in their skill.  Appreciate it and you’ll earn her warmth.  Ignore it or undervalue it, and you’ve made a ghastly mistake.  And if you’re one of those men who doesn’t think it’s appropriate for a woman to be skilled in anything except pleasing a man, you’re courting real trouble with a Virgo woman.  Curiously, Virgo needs lots of respect – a need which isn’t always evident in the other signs, which are less likely to identify with their skills.  Also notice the quality of cool self-containment about these women.  Married or not, they all radiate some mysterious aloofness which is not so much a ‘keep out’ sign as a ‘welcome, but respect my separateness’.  It’s evident even in the heat of sexual passion or intense emotion with Virgo.  Self-contained.  If you can learn to deal with the shadowy side, the know-it-all quality, the occasional fits of ordering and tidying either the environment or you, then you can reach the other side of Virgo.  Isn’t it nice to be able to appreciate someone who is capable of being her own person?  While all women, and all people, ultimately strive for this, Virgo makes a career and sometimes an art of it.  Virgo won’t adore you blindly.  She’ll more likely love you for your flaws and imperfections, because she’s a realist and also it makes her feel needed.  And it can either terrify a man into running eighty miles an hour in the opposite direction, or it can be a wonderful cooling bath to actually be able to be yourself.  But then, it depends on the sort of man you are, doesn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Astrology – All About Virgo

    • I agree that Virgos are very rare creature. They are ideal partners that many people are always searching for if they love to have faithful, stable, helpful partners who will stay with them through all thicks and thins.I wish to God that he would lead me to a Virgo man so that we could be the most perfect couple on earth. I have to admit that I am specially impressed by Virgos every now and then. Cheers! Ruby


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