Homage to Lee Alexander McQueen


Homage To Lee Alexander McQueen

Homage to Lee Alexander McQueenLet’s talk about Alexander McQueen, shall we?
I understand that there are many praises for McQueen‘s fashion talent from people around the globe thus far so that it is redundant for me to write such praises in this short discussion .
A lot of comments I’ve read so far about the The Horn Of Plenty dress/gown featuring in the above picture give me an impression that it is the perfect creation in the fashion point of view about the style, colour, design … Yeah, I agree that this is a very beautiful dress and that it is one of my most favorite McQueen dresses by far is the matter of the fact. If someone, however, asked me that which my number one dress/gown in the haute couture fashion is, I would say without thinking even for a second that Elie Saab dress/gown worn by Halle Berry at the 2002 Academy Awards is my choice (The gown is also featured in the picture below). This decision is, by no means, to defame or undermine McQueen’s real fashion talent or passion or such. I simply mean that my choice is different from the majority of people’s one & that I am not a “herd follower”, that’s that, no offence intended toward McQueen and his fashion talent for whatsoever reason.
In addition, I think that many McQueen’s designs are impractical for daily wear especially shoes. Yeah, I agree, they are different or distinguishable as what people said (I would say weird to be exact), but they are perfect for fashion shows or fashion exhibitions rather than for daily fashion. Undoubtedly, I guess most of you will not dare to agree with what I say & even respond that “who the hell you are to dare to say these kinds of words, even popular designers/commentators in the fashion industry do not dare to say them let alone you”. Well, like I said, I am not a herb follower & I am a very straightforward person, I have never been afraid of saying what I am thinking. If they are bizarre, I will say as such, simple as that. Not sure what McQueen would be thinking if he was still alive? But in my humble opinion, a good designer and to a larger extent a considerate person, should always appreciate feedback both good and bad for better future creation/designs. Just my own thought & you might disagree with this, undeniably.
But for the most part, I have always agreed without any hesitation and doubt that McQueen is one of the most influential designers in the fashion industry.




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