People Of Our Lives & Their According Parts In Our Life Trees


6 years have passed by since the day I wrote the following sharing story, still trying to make it better but I’m out of ideals & inspiration these days. Somehow I feel it’s boring & repetitive in some parts. Hopefully, a better version of it will come out soon but for the time being, this version is all I have 🙂


Ourselves & people of our lives could be described as various parts of our life trees ~ Do Thi Tu Anh

I suppose ourselves & people of our lives could be described as various parts of our life trees.
First of all, people who come easily into & thus go easily out of our lives could be described as leaves. They may be the persons whom we know through friends and who never stay in our memory for any particular reasons. They never stick around us for too long on our branches and being easily blown away by the life wind. They obviously take no place in our heart and bear no memory in our brain. Yes, they are faceless and easily forgettable.
On the other hand, people with whom we have acquainted for reasons and thus sticking around us over a period of time could be depicted as branches. Some of them may remain around us until we die but sadly some of them may leave us due to some particular reasons. Obviously, our friends are branches which could be broken out of our trees under hard pressure. And our best friends are large branches of our trees which make up the large parts of our life trees.

Additionally, people whom we love dearly and thus they are our nearest and dearest ones are mostly our spouses and our family members or possibly the one we love most. Undeniably, they have been, more often than not, with us through all goods and bads of the life cycles. Obviously, they are the ones who love us most and never ever do they want to let go unless they must. Thus, they are the main part of our trees which is granted the title “trunk“. Clearly, they forever remain in our memories and stay in our hearts for good and never ever could any forces take them out of our memories and our hearts. And if we ever want to take them out of our life trees, we must do it at the cost of causing scarred to our trees as they have inscribed their names in our souls, engraved their faces in our brains and cast their parts in our hearts and thus they have presented in our lives with deep memories. Yes, a permanent scar that has no cure afterwards and that chronically hurts us in eternity. Accepting or not, the trunk is the main body of our trees and thus any damage to the relationships between us and these people will definitely have a negative effect on the trees’ health and thus on our lives. Therefore, all we should do is to cherish the relationships with them and to treasure every moment we have spent with them.

Furthermore, our kids are the flowers and the fruits of our life trees. Fundamentally, they are the ones that reflect us most and the ones whom we love until death and we could never trade them for anything or anyone. Since our kids are the fruits and the flowers of our life trees, therefore, if we wish to bear good fruits and beautiful flowers, all we must do is to train ourselves in good disciplines with good principles. As long as we have beautiful minds, warm hearts and kind souls, we would be sure that our kids are more likely to be good fruits and beautiful flowers whose souls, hearts and minds are the mirror of our images.

Last but not least, the tree roots & who is able to take that position in our life trees?
Obviously, who is capable of “capturing” that position except ourselves. We are the roots of our life trees as without us, how could our life trees function? Such that if we want our life trees to perform well and to be healthy, all we need is to built our lives with virtue, ethics and good principles. Fundamentally, good roots will produce healthy trees and therefore core principles with virtue and ethics will form damn right individuals. Never ever too late to nourish our roots so that if any of you have yet to be endowed with good and healthy roots, it’s about time for you to feed your roots with “nutrition and good food” for your souls, your hearts and your minds from virtue, ethics and good principles and trying to stay yourselves away from bad or inappropriate standards (by fake heroes). In a nutshell, never should you ever overlook your root systems as they are the basis for creating the real you and the adding fact is that any damage to our root system will have a far-reaching adverse effect on our life trees for sure.

A tree is a dynamic living organism and so are we. The tree need to constantly feed its roots with good food to stay alive in an healthy manner and also we need to feed ourselves with “nutrition” to stay ethically and beautifully. Obviously, the process of “feeding ourselves” is a trial-and-error one but we must bear in our minds that life is a school and the only way to sharpen our ability is through friction with life through which we should definitely learn our lessons and know how to train ourselves better.


In summary, all the various parts and functions of a life tree are interdependent and understanding these parts and their according functions is important to prevent unnecessary damage to our life trees. As such, the more we understand our people and ourselves, the better we are. Therefore, knowing where we stand, what ourselves desire to pursuit and having knowledge of how we can get where we want to get plus staying persistently with our life goals are some of the keys for successful, fulfilled, respectful and worthy individuals. Clearly, ourselves and our people function together as a balanced system in a vigorously healthy tree. Surely, any damage to any tree parts will upset this balance and cause a net reduction in overall tree health and thus ourselves .



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