Fate In Love And/Or Fate In Marriage


Today, I will share with all of you another story that I wrote during my final year at uni. Still need to be edited a bit though 🙂


Your happiness & fulfillment as well as satisfaction that unconditional love brings back to you will be measured from your nadir or the lowest point in you heart to the zenith of the wide blue sky. ~ Do Thi Tu Anh

Once  upon a time, there lived a princess & a prince in a faraway peaceful village. One day, the cupid left THE HEAVEN and decided to tour around the world. Guess what, the love angel determined to shoot his cupid arrow toward the princess & the prince. And everyone should know what happens next without me telling the end. The princess met the prince, they felt madly in love with each other and A HAPPY ENDING STORY was created. Basically, that’s how my childhood was built up. It’s full of happy mythologies and dreamy antique vestiges. I was growing up with that misperception and taking it for granted without any curiosity. As such, I used to think that if we met our special one, felt in love with them, our loved one & we should have an ever happy ending. Far from it, I assure you. Now, I realized that whom we love is extremely different from who loves us. Similarly, with whom we wish to marry and who wishes to marry us are totally different stories. These realizations enable me to understand more clearly about the concept of fate with its different facets. Of course, there are still many facets of fate in the continuum but the following 3 categories are the most obvious to catch and easiest to recognize in this world wide.

  1. The first story of fate – fate in love – 2 strangers meet each other, know about each other and fall in love with each other but they might not necessarily end up in marriage. So if anyone ever falls in love with anyone, you two definitely are fating in love.
  2. The second story of fate – fate in marriage – 2 strangers meet each other, know about each other and marry each other without loving each other before their marriage. They marry each other for the sake of their marriage. This is more popular in Asian and Far East regions. They might not necessarily end up in miserable marriage as love could be born out during marriage and a lot couples have an happy ending though as far as I know.
  3. The last but not least story of fate – fate in both love and marriage – again 2 strangers meet each other, know about each other and fall in love with each other and their love story ends up in marriage. They might not live together for the rest of their lives. But this is how I categorise their relationship. Personally, I think these are the most lucky and blessed couples on earth.

Oh, by the way,  I remember that the elderly in my country always teaches their kids that (still unsure about the translation, so apologise for any mistaken understanding):

While 100 years worth of good deeds could reward you a good friend in life, it may take ten times as long to meet a good partner in marriage. (translated by Vu)

Essentially, what the old in my country wants to convey is to be husband and wife in this earthy world, 2 strangers must mutually owe big debts of love toward each other and they must marry each other to reciprocally repay their love debts. As such, if you want to get marry with the one you love, please try to pray that you wish to owe your loved one a big love debt. My friend did try but it does not work, trust me. BUT IF YOU TRY, AT LEAST YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY TRIED AND YOU NEED NOT REGRET LATER ON THAT YOUR DREAM WOULD HAVE COME TRUE IF YOU HAD TRIED. It does not work for him, but who never knows, it may work well for you, I hope 🙂

Indeed, the couples that love each other and ending up in marriage are the most blessed couples on earth. So why don’t you the most lucky couples appreciate each other. Every now and then, I see them hurting each other regardless of whether they are deliberate or not. Why don’t you the most lucky ones on earth realize that there are so many people out there on earth who could not be with their loved ones no matter how much they appreciate their loved ones and could tolerate their loved ones for whatsoever. In practice, there are so many people who love their loved ones unconditionally but are still  separated from their loved ones. As such, one will never learn how to appreciate his loved one until one loses his loved one forever. If anyone think that you are grouped in the most lucky category of fate, you should start appreciating your loved ones forever, cherishing every moment that you have spent with them and being thankful to God who particularly blesses you by bringing your loved ones to your life. Truly, to be loved and to be with your loved ones equate to be in an ever ending happiness and forever fulfillment. Please starting appreciating your loved ones and love them unconditionally with passion. Never ever perceiving that unconditional love will trigger “a road to abuse”. That  perception is completely wrong and must be changed and removed permanently and completely.


To appreciate and unconditionally love your loved one are one way of showing to the world how happy and fulfilled as well as fully satisfied you are. I’m among the few who have luckily discovered how big fruit from unconditional love from a few friends of mine is so that I wish to share that valuable knowledge to anyone who wants to reap the big fruit from the unconditional love harvest and THIS VALUABLE DISCOVERY IS TRUE AND APPLIED TO ANYONE REGARDLESS OF THEIR CULTURAL BACKGROUNDS OR THEIR FATES IN THE FATE CONTINUUM AND LONG LASTING TILL THE END OF THE WORLD. Please don’t be stingy when giving away your love to your loved ones. Never ever weigh or measure your love and your dear one’s love to debate who loves more and who loves less. Just remember what I’m going to specially disclose to you that YOUR HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT AS WELL AS SATISFACTION THAT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BRINGS BACK TO YOU WILL BE MEASURED FROM YOUR NADIR OR THE LOWEST POINT IN YOU HEART TO THE ZENITH OF THE WIDE BLUE SKY & THIS IS WHAT I COULD SWEAR FOR FOR SURE AND  FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.


To be frank, if my friend has another chance to choose again, he still chooses his special someone as he still wants to be with that person regardless even though he might be an option from that person‘s point of view. Yet,  from his perspective, that person is always his priority for his whole life as sure as God made little green apples. But at the end of the day, he has NO ALTERNATIVE but to let that person go. Never ever does he regret of letting his special someone as his everything. Honestly, if you invest all your efforts into the relationship, it really frustrates to witness its demise no matter how painfully he did try to salvage his relationship but he must then grieve that loss though he really wants to be with that person for the rest of  his life no matter what. However, of highlighted happiness, what consoles himself after all is that HE HAD PUT ALL HIS EFFORTS INTO THE RELATIONSHIP THROUGHOUT ITS LIFE  – THE BEGINNING, THE MIDDLE AND THE END.

So I bet that you all know by now who will reap the biggest fruit from unconditional love. Please don’t hesitate to act by loving your loved ones unconditionally from now on and never ever SHOULD YOU FEEL UNFAIR OR UNREASONABLE IF YOU ALLOW YOUR LOVED ONES TO BE YOUR PRIORITY.

Speaking of which, Happy Valentine to everyone!

Bye for now 🙂

… Something tells me you’re the one for me.
Something tells me we are meant to be…





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