The Concert Tour


Not sure about you but I myself really love listening to instrumental music. This page will display some of my most favorite beats 🙂

Impolate ~ Francis Goya

Macho Mozart (Dance)

Alla Figaro ~ Paul Mauriat

My Love Story

Tale Of 1001 Nights

Mariane Jane ~ Francis Goya

Long Fall ~ Final Fantasy XI

Victory ~ Bond

Lily Was Here ~ Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer

Million Roses ~ Francis Goya

Million Roses

Capture The Moment ~ David London 

El Bimbo ~ Paul Mauriat 

Eternal Love Affair ~ Ernesto Cortazar

Still I Love You ~ Candy Dulfer

Mariage D’amour ~ Richard Clayderman

The Bird of Wounds ~ Paul Mauriat 

Conques Notes ~ Francis Goya

Break of Dawn ~ Bandari

A Day With You ~ Omar  Akram 

Hungarian Sonata ~ Richard Clayderman

Children ~ Robert Miles

Foolish Heart ~ Ernesto Cortazar

The Moment ~ Kenny G

The MomentSad Angel ~ Igor Krutoy

Time For A PauseMagic Night ~ Richard Clayderman


Ballad Of Sentiment ~ Bandari

Kiss the Rain ~ Yiruma

 A Town With An Ocean ~ Joe Hisaishi

Within Attraction ~ Yanni

Eros ~ Chris Spheeris


I Like Chopin ~ Paul Mauriat

Exodus ~ Maksim








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