Ace In The Hole ~ Put On Your Poker Face


Ace In The Hole ~ Put On Your Poker Face

References ~ VOA

It is surprising how many expressions that Americans use every day came from the card game of poker. For example, you hear the expression, ACE IN THE HOLE, used by many people who would never think of going near a poker table. An ace in the hole is an argument, plan or thing kept hidden until needed. It is used especially when it can turn failure into success.
In poker and most card games, the ace is the highest and most valuable card. It is often a winning card. In one kind of poker game, the first card to each player is given face down. A player does not show this card to the other players. The other cards are dealt face up. The players bet money each time they receive another card.
No one knows until the end of the game whose hidden card is the winner. Often, the ace in the hole wins the game.
Smart card players, especially those who play for large amounts of money, closely watch the person who deals the cards. They are watching to make sure he is dealing honestly. They want to be sure that he is not dealing off the bottom of the stack of cards. A dealer who is doing that has stacked the deck. He has fixed the cards so that he will get higher cards. He will win and you will lose.
The expression, dealing off the bottom, now means cheating in business, as well as in cards. And when someone tells you that the cards are stacked against you, he is saying you do not have a chance to succeed.
In a poker game you do not want to let your opponents know if your cards are good or bad. So having a poker face is important. A poker face never shows any emotion, never expresses either good or bad feelings. No one can learn – by looking at your face – if your cards are good or bad.
People now use POKER FACE in everyday speech to describe someone who shows NO EMOTION.
Someone who has a poker face usually is good at bluffing. Bluffing is trying to trick a person into believing something about you that is not true.
In poker, you bluff when you bet heavily on a poor hand. The idea is make the other players believe you have strong cards and are sure to win. If they believe you have strong cards and are sure to win. If they believe you, they are likely to drop out of the game. This means you win the money they have bet.
You can do a better job of bluffing if you hold your cards close to your vest. You hold your cards close to you so no one can see what you have. In everyday speech, holding your cards close to your vest means not letting other know what you are doing or thinking. You are keeping you plans secret.
Hoping that all of your confusion has been cleared up a bit , enjoying the song & its energetic rhythm .

Poker Face


Fate In Love And/Or Fate In Marriage


Today, I will share with all of you another story that I wrote during my final year at uni. Still need to be edited a bit though 🙂


Your happiness & fulfillment as well as satisfaction that unconditional love brings back to you will be measured from your nadir or the lowest point in you heart to the zenith of the wide blue sky. ~ Do Thi Tu Anh

Once  upon a time, there lived a princess & a prince in a faraway peaceful village. One day, the cupid left THE HEAVEN and decided to tour around the world. Guess what, the love angel determined to shoot his cupid arrow toward the princess & the prince. And everyone should know what happens next without me telling the end. The princess met the prince, they felt madly in love with each other and A HAPPY ENDING STORY was created. Basically, that’s how my childhood was built up. It’s full of happy mythologies and dreamy antique vestiges. I was growing up with that misperception and taking it for granted without any curiosity. As such, I used to think that if we met our special one, felt in love with them, our loved one & we should have an ever happy ending. Far from it, I assure you. Now, I realized that whom we love is extremely different from who loves us. Similarly, with whom we wish to marry and who wishes to marry us are totally different stories. These realizations enable me to understand more clearly about the concept of fate with its different facets. Of course, there are still many facets of fate in the continuum but the following 3 categories are the most obvious to catch and easiest to recognize in this world wide.

  1. The first story of fate – fate in love – 2 strangers meet each other, know about each other and fall in love with each other but they might not necessarily end up in marriage. So if anyone ever falls in love with anyone, you two definitely are fating in love.
  2. The second story of fate – fate in marriage – 2 strangers meet each other, know about each other and marry each other without loving each other before their marriage. They marry each other for the sake of their marriage. This is more popular in Asian and Far East regions. They might not necessarily end up in miserable marriage as love could be born out during marriage and a lot couples have an happy ending though as far as I know.
  3. The last but not least story of fate – fate in both love and marriage – again 2 strangers meet each other, know about each other and fall in love with each other and their love story ends up in marriage. They might not live together for the rest of their lives. But this is how I categorise their relationship. Personally, I think these are the most lucky and blessed couples on earth.

Oh, by the way,  I remember that the elderly in my country always teaches their kids that (still unsure about the translation, so apologise for any mistaken understanding):

While 100 years worth of good deeds could reward you a good friend in life, it may take ten times as long to meet a good partner in marriage. (translated by Vu)

Essentially, what the old in my country wants to convey is to be husband and wife in this earthy world, 2 strangers must mutually owe big debts of love toward each other and they must marry each other to reciprocally repay their love debts. As such, if you want to get marry with the one you love, please try to pray that you wish to owe your loved one a big love debt. My friend did try but it does not work, trust me. BUT IF YOU TRY, AT LEAST YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY TRIED AND YOU NEED NOT REGRET LATER ON THAT YOUR DREAM WOULD HAVE COME TRUE IF YOU HAD TRIED. It does not work for him, but who never knows, it may work well for you, I hope 🙂

Indeed, the couples that love each other and ending up in marriage are the most blessed couples on earth. So why don’t you the most lucky couples appreciate each other. Every now and then, I see them hurting each other regardless of whether they are deliberate or not. Why don’t you the most lucky ones on earth realize that there are so many people out there on earth who could not be with their loved ones no matter how much they appreciate their loved ones and could tolerate their loved ones for whatsoever. In practice, there are so many people who love their loved ones unconditionally but are still  separated from their loved ones. As such, one will never learn how to appreciate his loved one until one loses his loved one forever. If anyone think that you are grouped in the most lucky category of fate, you should start appreciating your loved ones forever, cherishing every moment that you have spent with them and being thankful to God who particularly blesses you by bringing your loved ones to your life. Truly, to be loved and to be with your loved ones equate to be in an ever ending happiness and forever fulfillment. Please starting appreciating your loved ones and love them unconditionally with passion. Never ever perceiving that unconditional love will trigger “a road to abuse”. That  perception is completely wrong and must be changed and removed permanently and completely.


To appreciate and unconditionally love your loved one are one way of showing to the world how happy and fulfilled as well as fully satisfied you are. I’m among the few who have luckily discovered how big fruit from unconditional love from a few friends of mine is so that I wish to share that valuable knowledge to anyone who wants to reap the big fruit from the unconditional love harvest and THIS VALUABLE DISCOVERY IS TRUE AND APPLIED TO ANYONE REGARDLESS OF THEIR CULTURAL BACKGROUNDS OR THEIR FATES IN THE FATE CONTINUUM AND LONG LASTING TILL THE END OF THE WORLD. Please don’t be stingy when giving away your love to your loved ones. Never ever weigh or measure your love and your dear one’s love to debate who loves more and who loves less. Just remember what I’m going to specially disclose to you that YOUR HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT AS WELL AS SATISFACTION THAT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BRINGS BACK TO YOU WILL BE MEASURED FROM YOUR NADIR OR THE LOWEST POINT IN YOU HEART TO THE ZENITH OF THE WIDE BLUE SKY & THIS IS WHAT I COULD SWEAR FOR FOR SURE AND  FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.


To be frank, if my friend has another chance to choose again, he still chooses his special someone as he still wants to be with that person regardless even though he might be an option from that person‘s point of view. Yet,  from his perspective, that person is always his priority for his whole life as sure as God made little green apples. But at the end of the day, he has NO ALTERNATIVE but to let that person go. Never ever does he regret of letting his special someone as his everything. Honestly, if you invest all your efforts into the relationship, it really frustrates to witness its demise no matter how painfully he did try to salvage his relationship but he must then grieve that loss though he really wants to be with that person for the rest of  his life no matter what. However, of highlighted happiness, what consoles himself after all is that HE HAD PUT ALL HIS EFFORTS INTO THE RELATIONSHIP THROUGHOUT ITS LIFE  – THE BEGINNING, THE MIDDLE AND THE END.

So I bet that you all know by now who will reap the biggest fruit from unconditional love. Please don’t hesitate to act by loving your loved ones unconditionally from now on and never ever SHOULD YOU FEEL UNFAIR OR UNREASONABLE IF YOU ALLOW YOUR LOVED ONES TO BE YOUR PRIORITY.

Speaking of which, Happy Valentine to everyone!

Bye for now 🙂

… Something tells me you’re the one for me.
Something tells me we are meant to be…




Silent Separation (Gu Man)


Silent Separation ~ Gu Man

Have you ever been separated from the one you love for a long time and later having a reunion with them? Then, your love story is somehow similar to the one in Silent Separation written by Gu Man. Subsequently, a television series named My Sunshine which was premiered in 2015 is adapted from this novel. It stars Wallace Chung (He Yi Chen) and Tiffany Tang (Zhao Mo Sheng) in the lead roles.

7 years! Such a long time! … Exactly 7 years … she still knew the way home. ~ Silent Separation

As the fate was shallow, no wonder why the love is not deep. ~ Silent Separation

I have thought about it. If three years later, you are destined to be my girlfriend, I might as well exercise my rights earlier. ~ He Yi Chen

In that case, this person will make him not calm, not rational and not objective. ~ Silent Separation

After so many years, I still lose to you, suffering a crushing defeat. ~ He Yi Chen

Didn’t she already know, although the world is big, there was not a place that didn’t have Yi Chen. ~ Silent Separation

Why won’t you come back? I am prepared to abandon everything, why do you still refuse to come back? ~ He Yi Chen

Even if we were to torment each other for a lifetime, I will also not let you go. ~ He Yi Chen

Admit it, He Yi Chen, you were mad with jealousy. ~ Silent Separation

So unreasonable, the sunlight silently pierced through the heavy haze and shone into his heart. He did not even have time to reject. She was the only ray of sunshine in his gloomy life. ~ Silent Separation

Pain would be the emptiness after waking up in the middle of the night from a dream and knowing she was out of his reach. It would be never seeing her childish smiles again. It would be an unexplained lapse of concentration in whatever he did. ~ Silent Separation

I’ve already said before, so long as He Yi Chen runs into Zhao Mo Sheng, all his principles also can be discounted. ~ Silent Separation

You will understand later, if in this world that person once appeared, other people will just be a compromise… I do not want to compromise. ~ He Yi Chen

You are all welcome to read the English version of Silent Separation in the following blog 🙂

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People Of Our Lives & Their According Parts In Our Life Trees


6 years have passed by since the day I wrote the following sharing story, still trying to make it better but I’m out of ideals & inspiration these days. Somehow I feel it’s boring & repetitive in some parts. Hopefully, a better version of it will come out soon but for the time being, this version is all I have 🙂


Ourselves & people of our lives could be described as various parts of our life trees ~ Do Thi Tu Anh

I suppose ourselves & people of our lives could be described as various parts of our life trees.
First of all, people who come easily into & thus go easily out of our lives could be described as leaves. They may be the persons whom we know through friends and who never stay in our memory for any particular reasons. They never stick around us for too long on our branches and being easily blown away by the life wind. They obviously take no place in our heart and bear no memory in our brain. Yes, they are faceless and easily forgettable.
On the other hand, people with whom we have acquainted for reasons and thus sticking around us over a period of time could be depicted as branches. Some of them may remain around us until we die but sadly some of them may leave us due to some particular reasons. Obviously, our friends are branches which could be broken out of our trees under hard pressure. And our best friends are large branches of our trees which make up the large parts of our life trees.

Additionally, people whom we love dearly and thus they are our nearest and dearest ones are mostly our spouses and our family members or possibly the one we love most. Undeniably, they have been, more often than not, with us through all goods and bads of the life cycles. Obviously, they are the ones who love us most and never ever do they want to let go unless they must. Thus, they are the main part of our trees which is granted the title “trunk“. Clearly, they forever remain in our memories and stay in our hearts for good and never ever could any forces take them out of our memories and our hearts. And if we ever want to take them out of our life trees, we must do it at the cost of causing scarred to our trees as they have inscribed their names in our souls, engraved their faces in our brains and cast their parts in our hearts and thus they have presented in our lives with deep memories. Yes, a permanent scar that has no cure afterwards and that chronically hurts us in eternity. Accepting or not, the trunk is the main body of our trees and thus any damage to the relationships between us and these people will definitely have a negative effect on the trees’ health and thus on our lives. Therefore, all we should do is to cherish the relationships with them and to treasure every moment we have spent with them.

Furthermore, our kids are the flowers and the fruits of our life trees. Fundamentally, they are the ones that reflect us most and the ones whom we love until death and we could never trade them for anything or anyone. Since our kids are the fruits and the flowers of our life trees, therefore, if we wish to bear good fruits and beautiful flowers, all we must do is to train ourselves in good disciplines with good principles. As long as we have beautiful minds, warm hearts and kind souls, we would be sure that our kids are more likely to be good fruits and beautiful flowers whose souls, hearts and minds are the mirror of our images.

Last but not least, the tree roots & who is able to take that position in our life trees?
Obviously, who is capable of “capturing” that position except ourselves. We are the roots of our life trees as without us, how could our life trees function? Such that if we want our life trees to perform well and to be healthy, all we need is to built our lives with virtue, ethics and good principles. Fundamentally, good roots will produce healthy trees and therefore core principles with virtue and ethics will form damn right individuals. Never ever too late to nourish our roots so that if any of you have yet to be endowed with good and healthy roots, it’s about time for you to feed your roots with “nutrition and good food” for your souls, your hearts and your minds from virtue, ethics and good principles and trying to stay yourselves away from bad or inappropriate standards (by fake heroes). In a nutshell, never should you ever overlook your root systems as they are the basis for creating the real you and the adding fact is that any damage to our root system will have a far-reaching adverse effect on our life trees for sure.

A tree is a dynamic living organism and so are we. The tree need to constantly feed its roots with good food to stay alive in an healthy manner and also we need to feed ourselves with “nutrition” to stay ethically and beautifully. Obviously, the process of “feeding ourselves” is a trial-and-error one but we must bear in our minds that life is a school and the only way to sharpen our ability is through friction with life through which we should definitely learn our lessons and know how to train ourselves better.


In summary, all the various parts and functions of a life tree are interdependent and understanding these parts and their according functions is important to prevent unnecessary damage to our life trees. As such, the more we understand our people and ourselves, the better we are. Therefore, knowing where we stand, what ourselves desire to pursuit and having knowledge of how we can get where we want to get plus staying persistently with our life goals are some of the keys for successful, fulfilled, respectful and worthy individuals. Clearly, ourselves and our people function together as a balanced system in a vigorously healthy tree. Surely, any damage to any tree parts will upset this balance and cause a net reduction in overall tree health and thus ourselves .



People Of Our Livesgrowing-tree

Homage to Lee Alexander McQueen


Homage To Lee Alexander McQueen

Homage to Lee Alexander McQueenLet’s talk about Alexander McQueen, shall we?
I understand that there are many praises for McQueen‘s fashion talent from people around the globe thus far so that it is redundant for me to write such praises in this short discussion .
A lot of comments I’ve read so far about the The Horn Of Plenty dress/gown featuring in the above picture give me an impression that it is the perfect creation in the fashion point of view about the style, colour, design … Yeah, I agree that this is a very beautiful dress and that it is one of my most favorite McQueen dresses by far is the matter of the fact. If someone, however, asked me that which my number one dress/gown in the haute couture fashion is, I would say without thinking even for a second that Elie Saab dress/gown worn by Halle Berry at the 2002 Academy Awards is my choice (The gown is also featured in the picture below). This decision is, by no means, to defame or undermine McQueen’s real fashion talent or passion or such. I simply mean that my choice is different from the majority of people’s one & that I am not a “herd follower”, that’s that, no offence intended toward McQueen and his fashion talent for whatsoever reason.
In addition, I think that many McQueen’s designs are impractical for daily wear especially shoes. Yeah, I agree, they are different or distinguishable as what people said (I would say weird to be exact), but they are perfect for fashion shows or fashion exhibitions rather than for daily fashion. Undoubtedly, I guess most of you will not dare to agree with what I say & even respond that “who the hell you are to dare to say these kinds of words, even popular designers/commentators in the fashion industry do not dare to say them let alone you”. Well, like I said, I am not a herb follower & I am a very straightforward person, I have never been afraid of saying what I am thinking. If they are bizarre, I will say as such, simple as that. Not sure what McQueen would be thinking if he was still alive? But in my humble opinion, a good designer and to a larger extent a considerate person, should always appreciate feedback both good and bad for better future creation/designs. Just my own thought & you might disagree with this, undeniably.
But for the most part, I have always agreed without any hesitation and doubt that McQueen is one of the most influential designers in the fashion industry.



Decor horoscopes: What’s your decor personality?


Decor horoscopes: What’s your decor personality?

By Marie-Christine Tremblay

A Taurus like to cocoon, Rams have a passion for the avant-garde and Geminis welcome change. Does your zodiac sign influence your interior decorating style?

AriesAriesAries is dynamic and determined. However, a lack of organization and perseverance can sometimes hamper her sense of exuberance and entrepreneurship. If she is the first to volunteer on a project, she may also be the first to lose interest as it progresses. Therefore Aries needs a simple, well-organized space that reflects her vitality. Her bold personality latches on to trends and gravitates toward a minimalist style. She also loves implementing new ideas. Whether it be a state-of-the-art kitchen, a Zen living room or a lively bedroom, Aries will express herself primarily through a fiery  palette, such as red , orange and a sunny yellow.  

TaurusTaurusCheerful and sensual, Taurus appreciates simple interiors based primarily on comfort and luxury. Sometimes her conservative nature makes her a little resistant to change, but her home reflects a fondness for beautiful things. Antiques, fresh flowers and soft, fluffy fabrics suit her perfectly. A collector at heart with a knack for cooking slow food, Taurus has everything she could possibly need to cook and entertain in the kitchen. Her living room is the perfect place to relax. Good-quality furniture is often paired with a piano or a top-notch sound system – Taurus loves her music. Greens, earth tones, and deep pinks suit her disposition.

GeminiGeminiGemini’s are just as comfortable in a tent as they would be in a luxurious hotel room and their homes reflect that adaptability. Lively and sociable, living room furniture is carefully laid out for ease of conversation and accessories are carefully selected to encourage discussion. True to the duality of her sign, Gemini’s items are often displayed in pairs. Fascinated by new trends, she liks to be the first to get her hands on a new look. Gemini is drawn to a modern style with simple lines and metallic finishes. Even though yellow is her colour of choice, Gemini also enjoys brilliant shades of blue and green – provided they are vibrant.

CancerCancerCancer’s strong, protective instinct leads to interiors that exude the warmth and comfort of home. Cancer loves to bring life into a room and has a keen sense of how to create the perfect ambiance. Cancer is drawn to cool colours – white, periwinkle and anything with a pearly or silvery tone. However, because of the importance she places on family, including neighbours and friends, her home always feels warm and inviting. Comfy chairs, sumptuous cushions and an inviting kitchen are all a must to accommodate all the people in her life. Cancer also likes to surround herself with sentimental objects. A photo gallery in the front entrance or a hallway will make her happy.

LeoLeoLeo is proud of the beautiful home she has designed. She loves elegant decor, theatrical furniture, exotic accessories, ornamental lighting and mirrors. Leo also likes to entertain. Her kitchen is usually equipped with an island or a large table so that guests can visit while she cooks. A drink can be procured at any given moment – the bar is always well-stocked. On the other hand, Leo spends a lot of time in the multi-functional bedroom she has created. Her favourite colours include orange, red, yellow and purple. 

VirgoVirgoMeticulous and organized, Virgo cannot stand clutter and pays special attention to detail. She needs lots of storage space so that her home is always neat and tidy. Virgo has a penchant for vintage furniture, especially light-coloured wood and glass. Her decor is arranged in a way that facilitates easy conversation and you could eat off her floors! Furniture stands out and contrasts nicely against walls that are painted blue, yellowy-green, taupe or cream. Guided by an attention to detail, Virgo favours the practicality of her furnishings; she’s always ready for company. Freshly ironed placemats and snacks await guests in her simple, well-organized kitchen. 

LibraLibraEverything in Libra’s home is well-balanced and harmonious. She gravitates toward a more traditional style with pairs of lamps, mirrors, paintings and vases arranged symmetrically. Her natural elegance and aesthetic leads her to seek out quality pieces and she will not hesitate to spend a bit more for a well-designed object. Libra prefers airy, open spaces. Blues and opal tone help to create that fresh space that she needs. It might take her a while to decide on a wall colour, but in the end, what she creates will look artistic and harmonious.

ScorpioScorpioScorpio’s need for privacy will lead her to create a refuge from the outside world. She is passionate about design and loves dramatic decor with a bit of mystery. Carefully chosen accessories are the key to achieving the right look. Naturally artistic, Scorpio can take a piece of furniture from a junk sale and turn it into something spectacular. Red, orange, burgundy and black are her colours of choice, which are ideal when creating a more theatrical design. Sumptuous, textural fabrics, like velvet, brocade, silk and leather add a hint of exoticism to the living room – a room that feels more like a boudoir where deep, dark secrets are well-guarded. The bathroom is all marble and mirrors.

SagittariusSagittariusSagittarian interiors reflect a passion for travel and hospitality. Sagittarius likes to spend time with family and friends. Her optimism and cheerfulness greet guests and even if she lives alone, she’ll choose the right furniture for entertaining. Sagittarius doesn’t need anything too fancy. Knick-knacks gathered from her travels are scattered in every room of the house and reflect an eclectic style. Purple, turquoise and royal blue provide the perfect backdrop for her adventurous spirit. A few photos, comfy cushions and board games make her feel right at home. Sagittarius loves to recreate exotic dishes when entertaining.

CapricornCapricornResponsible and disciplined, Capricorn has a down-to-earth style. Her home revolves around a collection of solid furniture, wood and leather heirlooms, and a few accents that evoke comfort, like piles of cushions and Oriental carpets. She needs a little corner for her office, as well as a place to display her awards since she’s proud of her achievements. The kitchen needs to be efficient. Capricorn likes to plan her meals ahead of time and often everything is prepared the night before. Her favourite colours include dark earth tones, slate gray and forest green.

AquariusAquariusIndependent and unconventional, Aquarius loves cutting edge design and surrounds herself with ultra-modern style and the latest high-tech equipment. Gadgets abound, whether you’re in the living room, the kitchen  or the bedroom. Aquarius needs lots of space to recharge her batteries. Her decor is often monochromatic in shades of violet or electric blue and she loves metal furniture and accessories. A creative soul, Aquarius likes to renovate and because she likes to help others, she’ll often volunteer her talents to a friend in need.

PiscesPiscesImaginative, intuitive and sensitive, Pisces is a chameleon who isn’t afraid to mix up different styles. She needs space to meditate and express her creativity. Watery hues like blue and green serve as a backdrop for her dreamy space that opens to the outdoors. Pisces hate feeling trapped in a space, so they need a lot of big windows that let the light in. Always surrounded by pretty things, Pisces instinctively knows where each piece should be displayed. Works of art fulfill her artistic side.